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To get the most benefit from an alcohol rehab clinic, it helps to make preparations. Some seem obvious; others might not come to mind. The word “clinic” is a medical term. That fits – alcoholism is a medical disorder, starting with the addiction itself but not stopping there. Depending on your drinking history and on your general health otherwise, the staff of the alcohol rehab clinic has to be ready to help you with a wide range of problems starting with, but not limited to, possible dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Heavy drinking affects many organs and body systems and those effects can be deadly. So it’s vital to give the staff as complete a picture of your medical situation as you can. Any other doctors that you see will need releases from you to give information about you to the alcohol rehab clinic’s staff; otherwise rules protecting your privacy may keep you from getting help you need.

Succeeding in treatment

How you succeed in treatment and afterwards depends partly on your support network, too. That network consists of whatever friends and loved ones are supportive of what you’re trying to accomplish. It helps to talk with them before you come to Life Works or another alcohol rehab clinic – let them know of your situation. Some of them will probably ask how they can help; there will be ways, perhaps while you’re in treatment, perhaps afterwards. Many clinics will include times for them to visit and participate in your therapy – be sure to have their telephone numbers and email addresses with you when you arrive.

Another thing to do before coming to the alcohol rehab clinic: start keeping a journal, and use it to record your thoughts and feelings about drinking, sobriety, and anything else that may be important to talk over with the professionals helping you. A valuable subject to write about: think back to any times in your life when you’ve faced other major challenges or problems and overcome them. The skills and strengths that have served you before will often serve you during your time in the alcohol rehab clinic too.

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