Presenter opens up about anorexia past


A television presenter has opened up about the eating disorder she suffered with for several years while attempting to maintain some control in her life.

Michaela Strachan said the anorexia that saw her weight plummet to dangerous lows came about as a result of her "sheltered middle-class world" falling apart.


 During an interview with the Daily Mail, the Springwatch and Autumnwatch presenter admitted she would fast and survive on as little food as possible in a bid to keep the excess pounds off.

The 46-year-old also revealed that she became obsessed with monitoring her weight on the scales and would make herself vomit if the needle edged even slightly above her ideal weight.

"I ate virtually nothing all day. You’d think I would have collapsed with exhaustion, but the feeling of light-headedness was addictive," Strachan explained.

"Eventually your hair becomes dull and brittle, your breath smells. You don’t look attractive. My periods stopped, but I wasn’t worried. I thought I looked great and wanted to be even thinner."

The TV personality, who also hosted BBC children's programme The Really Wild Show, said she managed to regain some control over her thinking before she became dangerously thin, but admitted her mental state remained fragile for some time after.

She told the newspaper it is now her aim to help other individuals struggling with the same issues over food, while also discussing their unhealthy obsession with being thin.
"I look upon my anorexia as a failure. I'm repulsed by it," the mother-of-one added. "I think: 'How dare I do that to my body?' But it's important to remember it's a mental illness."

Highlighting the importance of seeking help to deal with eating disorders, Strachan noted that while she would like to help people as much as possible, it is important to understand sufferers are living with an addiction.

In many cases, it is hearing real life accounts of anorexia patients that can trigger realisations in some people that makes them speak to someone in a bid to overcome the debilitating condition. 

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