Sex Addiction Is No Joke

sex addictionWhen the term ‘sex addiction’ is mentioned, people either tend to giggle, refuse to believe that such a thing actually exists or assume that the person claiming to have it has come up with an excuse to justify infidelity or promiscuous behaviour.

Even with high profile cases such as Russell Brand, Tiger Woods, David Duchovny and Gail Porter being brought to our attention, it’s doing little to increase our understanding and even tolerance for the disorder.

Sex addiction is in fact an illness - and a real one at that. It is described as any form of sexual activity that feels out of control and can range from being intimate with a partner to using pornography and visiting prostitutes.

For most of us, these are habits that don’t cause a problem in our everyday lives. However, sex addicts are unable to control their urges and are therefore likely to encounter problems in both their personal and professional lives.

Most of us are guilty of assuming that there’s no such thing as sex addiction but it has in fact been likened to substance abuse due to the powerful chemical substances that are released as a result of it. Just like alcohol, drugs, gambling and eating can become addictive, so can sex which means that some people simply can’t control their behaviour.

Just last week, former television presenter Gail Porter revealed that she even had to quit her self-help group because she was so attracted to the men in it. The Scottish TV star, who had to swap to a women’s-only group, not only highlights the seriousness of sex addiction but also contradicts one of the most common stereotypes that it only affects men.

If you would like more information about sex addiction, its symptoms or the help available, please feel free to visit our treatment page. You can also learn more about sex addction at our knowledge centre

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