Smoking Cannabis Makes You Lazy?

Cannabis and Energy Individuals who smoke cannabis on a regular basis may find they experience lower energy levels compared to those who do not, researchers from the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction have suggested.

Acknowledging that only nine per cent of people who use marijuana become dependent on the substance, scientists did note that the drug can still cause several problems for those people who smoke it fairly often.

The study revealed that a person's likelihood of experiencing cannabis-related problems can be linked to their working memory and impulsivity.

By using subjects who were smoking marijuana around two times per week, the study - which was published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence - concentrated on those people who did not experience withdrawal symptoms after refraining from inhaling the substance for 24 hours.

Jane Metrik, assistant professor of behavioural and social sciences, said the research was also performed with subjects when they were not under the influence of drugs to collect baseline data.

Analysts used questionnaires and cognitive examinations to carry out the study by examining trait impulsivity, working memory and short-term memory.

Results highlighted that those people with working memory deficiencies were at a higher risk of experiencing marijuana-related problems. However, those with short-term memory issues were not.

Ms Metrick added: "If we understand the genetic factors, we can develop medications, take steps to advance the field of marijuana addiction and institute behavioral intervention."

However, in a letter to the Brown Daily Herald, Nehal Vadhan - a clinical psychology professor at Columbia - said cannabis users may have a biased perception of the effects they experience and suggested a study that would ask people close to each participant for a reliable evaluation of their problems.

Scientists announced plans to carry out a follow-up to the latest study in a bid to examine the dual effects of marijuana and alcohol in frequent drug users. 

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