So We Move on to Acceptance, By Jamie Moon

12 step addiction recoveryJamie Moon discusses acceptance as part of the 12 steps program.Again with the Principle of Acceptance there are several questions that come to mind. What exactly do we have to accept? How do we use Acceptance in our daily lives? How and why is Acceptance a spiritual Principle? As asked earlier, how do we use this Principle to combat our many addictions? Beginning with the first question; initially we must accept our powerlessness over our addiction(s), whether they be drugs, alcohol or anything else. We also must accept our defeat; our inability to conquer our addiction(s) or the underlying causes of our addiction(s) on our own.

We must accept that it is not our addiction(s) that is the real problem. Yes, whatever we are addicted to, we must stop using. Our addiction(s) when they either stop working to make life more acceptable, or cause us even more problems become a red herring. It is life that we have found unacceptable. Until we find Acceptance of life as life is, we will look for something to help us to accept or fight what is. That is what our addictions have attempted to do. But they invariably fail us. We need a Power greater than we are to smooth out the rough edges of life.

All of the slogans that have come out of the many fellowships all point to ways for us to accept life as life is. One day at a time; easy does it; first things first; H.A.L.T., Acceptance is the key, etc. The first Step is a baby step towards gaining true Power in our lives. Choosing Acceptance as a Spiritual Principle in our lives comes with us hitting bottom. Without bottoming out with whatever the addiction that we are an addict we continue using. I have had to hit bottom more than once with more than one addiction. With each of those bottoms I had to accept complete defeat. A necessary thing if I was to succeed in the Program.

Bill W. said, “Our very first problem is to accept our present circumstances as they are, ourselves as we are, and the people about us as they are.” It has always been my lack of Acceptance of people, places, or things that has caused nearly all of my problems in life. The quote I love the best is, “And we have ceased fighting everyone and everything—even…” our addiction(s). He obviously said alcohol but I use those words all the time with those I work with. It is not the world and its people but the way we see the world that is the real problem.

Albert Einstein said, “The world we have created is a product of our own way of thinking.” Everything is not what it seems to be in my addled brain. The ego distorts it with all its childish notions and beliefs. So again I must use Acceptance that I am not necessarily see things as they truly are. I might be wrong? A terrible thought I know. But today I experience peace as a direct result of NOT fighting anyone, or anything as I use to do.

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