Social Network Helps Women Quit Drinking

b2ap3_thumbnail_social-media.jpgA new social network called Soberista is helping many women control their drinking habit. This new social network is not a replacement for AA or a rehabilitation facility, It targets women who may not meet the definition of alcoholic or have an alcohol addiction. These women are drinking more than they should be have not yet begun to feel the full negative effects of alcohol.

The new site fills a niche by catering to people who believe that the current range of treatments available for alcohol abuse is not for them. These people are often strongly averse to going to an AA meeting or treatment centre because they believe it will cost too much or they will not belong. While these are old and out of date stereotype, the site is doing some good.

The site does not offer actual medical help but it does offer hope and comfort. Women and a growing number of men are logging on to exchange stories, find support and simply feel like they are not alone. This is a great first step for someone struggling with alcohol because it removes the secrecy and shame and provides a supportive community.

Chris Cordell, The Hospital Director of the addiction centre Life Works Community, said, “any support can be good support as long as it is accurate responsible and in line with national medical guidelines. This site is a good place for people to voice concerns in a supportive environment”

Cordell did have some reservations about the site though. He said it is important to take any advice or information from Soberistas with a grain of salt. The people in the community are not doctors and as such are not qualified to give actual medical advice. Cordell also pointed out that people with a drinking problem cannot always “just quit”. There is a detox involved and for some, simply swearing off alcohol can be dangerous or even fatal.

That being said, Soberistas is a welcome addition to the recovery community. With the increasing amount of Britons with liver disease, higher alcohol consumption by women and high rates of binge drinking, any new place supporting sober living is a boon for everyone struggling to stay sober.

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