Spotting The Signs Of Drug Addiction

signs of drug addictionAs with any disorder, people tend to assume that you can spot a drug addict from a mile away. Just like those who are battling depression, anxiety, a gambling addiction or an eating disorder however, sufferers can become experts at hiding the signs and symptoms.

Whether you think that you may have a problem yourself or are worried about a friend, family member or colleague, below are some of the more subtle signs of drug addiction that may suggest it’s time to seek help or offer support to your loved one.

Seeking out certain situations

If you find yourself seeking out the friends and situations where you know drugs will be involved, this may be a sign of addiction because chances are you feel you can’t have a good time without them. Perhaps you have ditched your old friends in favour of your new ‘fun’ friends or have noticed that your loved one has got in with a bad crowd? Addicts tend to surround themselves only with others who encourage or emulate their addictive behaviour so this is a definite cause for concern.


We all have bad days, weeks or even months that may get on top of us and leave us ready to snap at the first person who crosses our paths. Whilst we’ve all been guilty of this at some point, if you notice that this is becoming a common occurrence for you or someone you know, it could very well be a sign of drug addiction.

Aggression when the subject is broached

If someone expresses concern about your behaviour do you lash out at them, tell them to mind their own business and then try to push them away? This is probably because of denial and the fear of admitting that drug use has become an actual problem. If there was nothing to worry about and someone had got the wrong end of the stick, chances are that you would laugh it off or be more confused than anything else. If you find yourself becoming aggressive in these situations then it may be time to think about how serious and frequent your drug use has become.

To learn more about drug addiction, check out our Drug Addiction Knowledge Centre. If you are worried about yourself or someone you know, please feel free to visit our Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation page for more information or contact us today.


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