Study claims that marijuana users may be more likely to develop diabetes

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New research has suggested that people who smoke marijuana are more likely to develop pre-diabetes than those who have never used it.

In a sample study carried out in America, it was found that adults who currently use the drug are an incredible 65% more likely to have poor sugar control - a factor which can lead to type 2 diabetes. Those who no longer smoked marijuana but had used it more than 100 times in their life, had a 49% greater chance of developing the condition.

The link was in fact found to be so strong that BMI and waist circumference werent even contributing factors. The authors of the study commented:

Marijuana use was associated with the development and prevalence of pre-diabetes after adjustment (for potential confounding factors). Specifically, occurrences of pre-diabetes in middle adulthood was significantly elevated for individuals who reported using marijuana in excess of 100 times by young adulthood.

These results contrast with those previously reported on marijuana use and metabolic health. Future studies should look to objectively measure mode and quantity of marijuana use in relation to prospective metabolic health.

Whilst the link between marijuana use and diabetes will require further investigation, there are many other long-term health implications that the drug has been proven to have. Cannabis has been found to cause physical and mental issues including anxiety and paranoia. With long term or heavy use, is can also cause lung disease and possibly cancer because it is often mixed with tobacco.

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