Suicide Rates Rise Among Men With Mental Health Problems

suicide among menA report that was carried out by the University of Manchester has revealed that suicide rates amongst male mental health patients has risen by almost a third in the last decade.

The biggest increases were witnessed in men aged between 45 and 54 where the number of deaths has risen by a staggering 73% since 2006. Experts believe that one of the main causes of this is because men are very reluctant and almost feel ashamed about speaking about their health and wellbeing.

This isn’t helped by an increase in demand for mental health services that the NHS simply cannot cope with. A 49 year-old bipolar sufferer who has attempted to take his life twice in the last eight years commented:

“You present yourself but what happened to me was they said, we will send you home with a diazepam and we will see you in the morning. Well, if you are suicidal, that’s not good enough. You could go and kill yourself.”

Louis Appleby, Director of the University of Manchester’s National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness, asserted that the problem isn’t just that men aren’t seeking help because a lot of suicide cases are patients already under mental health care.

The professor noted that many other factors including alcohol misuse, isolation, unemployment and debt all add to the risk of suicide in male patients and need to be addressed.

The mental health charity, Mind has also said that there needs to be a more proactive approach when it comes to supporting men with suicidal thoughts to ensure that they get the right help at the right time.

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