Surprising Facts About Drug Addiction Part Two

drug addiction helpThe first part of our blog, ‘surprising facts about drug addiction’ covered common stereotypes surrounding the profile of a drug addict and how people often wrongly assume that other addictions are less serious. Below are some more common myths surrounding drug addiction and its victims. 

Drug addicts are bad people

Society would have us believe that all drug addicts are bad people who choose to fall into a life of deprivation. The truth is that drug addiction can affect people of all backgrounds and it’s often the fact that an individual does not fit into the stereotype that gives them the courage to experiment in the first place. 

Once a drug addict always a drug addict 

Just like many people think that a leopard never changes its spots, many people think that once someone is a drug addict they will be for life. This view is not only unhelpful but it’s also clearly wrong. There are many examples of individuals who have given up drugs and completely turned their life around including high profile cases such as Russell Brand, Drew Barrymore, Robert Downey Jr and Nicole Richie. 

Relapse is normal 

Whilst people do relapse during their recovery it certainly shouldn’t be expected or seen as normal. This stereotype leads many addicts to believe that this gives them the green light to become chronic relapsers and as a result get caught up in a revolving door situation. There is absolutely no need to relapse during recovery and with the right help and support many addicts successfully kick the habit first time round.   

Drug addicts need to hit rock bottom before they seek help

Sadly, many drug addicts will hit rock bottom before they get help. They will have lost their job, friends, family and possibly even their home and it’s only then that they realise they need help. This certainly isn’t always the case however and this misconception is actually very dangerous because addicts can convince themselves that they haven’t fallen low enough to need help just yet. 

This myth that those with a drug problem need to hit rock bottom first has even been known to cause some addicts to purposely speed up their downward spiral because they genuinely believe that this will somehow give them the motivation to quit. 

If you are worried that you or someone you know has a problem, it’s vital to remember that you can seek help at any time. Whether they or you are still going to work or not or the person has become isolated or still has close relationships, it doesn’t mean that one person’s addiction is less serious than the others. 

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