Surprising facts about drug rehabilitation

drug rehabilitation factsAnyone who is currently battling a drug addiction or supporting someone who is will know how difficult it can be. Beating any addiction is incredibly hard but on top of everything else they’re going through, drug addicts are frequently faced with judgements from others thanks to the stigma surrounding this topic.

Unfortunately, it’s often these attitudes that prevent people from seeking help so below we have listed some surprising facts about drug addiction and recovery.

The profile of a drug addict

Contrary to what the media and Hollywood would have us believe, drug addicts don’t spend all their time in alleyways in bad areas, they don’t all have criminal records, they don’t all steal from friends and family, they not all unemployed or isolated from society and finally, it’s not always obvious that they’re a drug addict.

There is no profile for a drug addict because anyone can become one. Whether you’re male, female, young, old, are unemployed, have a hugely successful career, are lonely or are surrounded by great friends and family, you are just as likely as anyone else to fall victim to drug addiction.

It is becoming increasingly important for society to break down the stereotypical image of addicts because of the negative implications it has. It’s much easier for people to hide their substance abuse problems if they don’t fall into a stereotype because they can convince themselves that as long as they don’t fit the picture, they don’t really have a problem.

Drug addiction is more serious than alcohol addiction

People wrongly assume that a problem with drugs is more serious than a problem with alcohol because alcohol is legal and therefore must be less dangerous. More research is being done into this however and recent findings have revealed that alcohol can cause more harm than heroin and crack cocaine. In fact, the outcome of the research was that alcohol is the most dangerous out of all the drugs.

There are plenty of other myths about drug addiction so keep an eye out for the second part of ‘surprising facts about drug rehabilitation’.

To learn more about drug addiction you can check out our Drug Addiction Knowledge Centre. If you would like help or treatment with a drug addiction, please check out our drug addiction treatment page or contact us today.

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