Kids Allowed To Try Alcohol Form Worse Drinking Habits

children and alcohol abuseChances are that almost everyone can remember their parents allowing them to try a little taste of an alcoholic beverage even at a very young age. Whilst most of us believe that this is perfectly harmless and perhaps even helps to prevent problem drinking because it makes alcohol less taboo, new research has found that this is not the case at all.

A study which was carried out in the US has found that children who have sipped alcohol by the age of 11 are five times more likely to have had a full drink by the time they’re 14. Furthermore, they’re also four times more likely to binge drink or get drunk compared to those who had never sampled alcohol before.

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How To Stay Sober Over Christmas

how to stay sober over the holidaysWhilst millions of us look forward to the endless parties and social occasions that Christmas so often brings, for anyone battling an alcohol addiction this can be an incredibly challenging time of year.

Whether this time of year makes you feel lonely, the financial pressures are getting to you or you feel left out watching everyone else enjoying their favourite tipple, here are some great tips to help stay sober over Christmas.

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MP Says More Help Needed To Help Those Affected By Alcohol

b2ap3_thumbnail_alcohol-addiction_20151222-144436_1.jpgEx-minister, Liam Byrne has called for more to be done to help children whose parents are classed as ‘hazardous drinkers’.

After speaking about his own experiences as a child, the Labour MP has urged that more needs to be done to tackle the taboo subject and help families whose lives are being damaged by alcohol abuse.

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Surviving Christmas With An Addiction To Drugs Or Alcohol

b2ap3_thumbnail_christmas-depression_20151221-103959_1.jpgPeople in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction often struggle over the holidays. It can feel like everything and everyone is pushing you to use. Life Works mental health professionals understand this and so we have put together a little list of do's and dont's for the holidays. This list is by no means comprehensive but it does give you some groundrules for staying sober this Christmas. Remember one of, if not the most important rule is do not isolate yourself. Isoaltion feeds addiction so locking yourself away during the Christmas season is not nesisarily the best option for recovery. If you would like to learn more about recovery check out the infographic. If you need addiction help please contact us today. 

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Reasons To Stay Sober This Holiday Season

alcohol addiction recovery at Christmas Christmas can be a very tempting time for alcoholics in recovery. There are drinks everywhere and for someone newly on the wagon, it may seen like the only way to celebrate is with alcohol. With that in mind, we put together a list of reasons not to drink. This is a basic list but it is a good start and an excelent motivational tool. Check out our list and then make your own. Look at all the reasons you have to stay sober, write them down and keep that list with you. When you are really struggling, sometimes seeing what you are fighting for can give you the strength you need to stay alcohol free. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction please contact Life Works for help. Have a merry Christmas from all of us at Life Works. 

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Less Than One Quarter Of Women Know Alcohol Can Cause Breast Cancer

b2ap3_thumbnail_girl-glass-drinking-silhouette_20151215-102032_1.jpgAccording to a joint survey carried out by Cancer Research UK and Bupa, less than 25% of women are aware that drinking alcohol can increase their risk of developing breast cancer.

In a bid to discover how much women know about the risks of breast cancer, women having a mammogram screening or who were being checked for symptoms were questioned about whether or not they were aware of the link. Of those who did know, at least half were unaware of how much alcohol is in a glass of wine or a pint of beer.

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Brits Are Some Of the Worse Binge Drinkers In The World

alcohol abuseThe Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has warned that Britain’s health system is still lagging behind many other developed countries in terms of our high rates of smoking, obesity and binge drinking.

Following the results of the Health At A Glance 2015 Indicators For Alcohol Report, they have emphasised that ‘urgent attention’ is needed as Britain is struggling to make progress on reducing its rates of binge drinking.

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Middle Aged Mothers Are Hidden Drinkers

mothers alcohol abuseHealth experts have warned that middle-aged mothers whose children have left home are becoming the fastest growing group of hazardous drinkers who are putting their health at risk.

Shockingly, two-fifths admit to drinking as much or even more than their grown-up children and a quarter say that they have increased their alcohol consumption since their kids left home. Despite this, 95% of those who were surveyed said that they are not concerned about their level of drinking and they don’t believe that they are damaging their health.

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Common Myths About Alcohol And Drink Driving

drinking and drivingWith a new report revealing that an incredible 10 million Brits are more than happy to drive when they’re knowingly over the limit, we have decided to debunk some of the most common myths about drink driving.

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10 Million Brits Guilty Of Drink Driving

drunk driving in the UKAccording to a new survey which has been carried out as part of the Drive Fit Campaign, nearly a third (31%) of Brits will happily get behind the wheel even when they know they’re over the legal alcohol limit. This is the equivalent to an incredible 10 million people.

The results also found that those in their 30s are ‘particularly irresponsible when it comes to drinking and driving with a staggering 44% admitting to driving when over the limit. Even more worryingly, 20% of drink drivers in this age group still think that it’s perfectly safe for them to drive after six or seven glasses of beer or wine.

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The Towns With The Worst Drunk Driving Problems In The UK

Drunk drivingPrice comparison website, MoneySuperMarket has analysed 11 million insurance applications and revealed the UK towns with the highest proportion of motorists with drink or drug-driving convictions in 2015.

With a rate of 1.74 convictions per 1,000 drivers, the Cheshire town of Crewe has topped the list. Encouragingly, this figure is 12% lower than last year’s highest figure of 1.98 convictions in Llandrindod Wells in Wales.

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UK Drink Driving Statistics

drunk drivingThe festive season is well and truly upon us which means that there are Christmas parties, boozy lunches, family get-togethers and gatherings aplenty. It’s hard not to get caught up in the spirit of things which means that one drink can easily lead to two, three, four or even more.

Whilst the effects of a particularly sociable couple weeks is unlikely to have any serious or long-term health implications, this could be a completely different story if you decide to get in a car and drive yourself home.

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Unhealthy Drinking Behaviours In The UK

British drinking habitsAs last week was Alcohol Awareness Week, we take a look at the drinking behaviours of the British public and why health professionals are urging people to cut back on dangerous habits that have become everyday practices for so many.

It is recommended that men drink no more than four units of alcohol per day and women no more than three yet 34% of men and 28% of women drink more than this at least once a week. If you exclude the people who didn’t drink at all in the previous week, the figure rises to 52% for men and 53% for women.

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Learn How Alcohol Affects Your Appearance

Alcohol affects on the bodyWe all know that drinking too much alcohol can be incredibly damaging to our health. Sadly, too many people ignore this fact until it’s too late because we convince ourselves we’ll be ok as we can’t see what’s going on inside our bodies.

Alcohol can have a huge effect on our appearance as well which is a clear sign that it might be time to cut back. If you look in the mirror and recognise any of these symptoms, consider reducing your intake, the number of days per week you consume alcohol or even try cutting it out completely for a while.

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Promises From Alcohol Companies to Help Tackle Problem Drinking Have Failed

alcohol abuse and regulationAn independent report has claimed that the four-year responsibility deal between the government and the drinks industry has not only failed, but it has actually harmed public health as well. It also states that promises have been broken and that too little is being done to reduce serious problems such as underage drinking.

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Research Highlights Link Between Depression and Alcohol

alcohol and depression Depression is one of the most common mental health problems in the UK and following the publication of new research, Alcohol Concern has reinforced the complex relationship between the condition and excessive alcohol consumption.

A number of clinical research studies have showed that over a long period of time, excessive alcohol consumption can cause depressive symptoms. Regular drinking disrupts the brain’s chemical responses which alters the way it operates due to lower levels of serotonin being produced.

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The Most Shocking Statistics On Alcohol In The UK

b2ap3_thumbnail_binging_20151119-122652_1.jpgAs the cost of alcohol on society reaches a whopping £21billion, this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week is aiming to get people thinking about how it affects individuals, families, communities and society as a whole. Here we highlight some of the most shocking statistics about how alcohol abuse is affecting the UK.

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Alcohol Advertising Creates Underage Drinkers

teen drinkingA study has found that under-18s are an incredible five times more likely to buy alcohol after seeing it advertised on television and 36% more likely to drink it after reading about it in a magazine.

The results of the Boston University study have caused health professionals to speak out about this ‘major health problem’ and urge that it needs to be addressed once and for all. With Britain experiencing one of the highest rates of underage drinking in Europe, the researchers confirmed:

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New Mental Health Campaign Gets High Profile Support

mental healthFormer mental health minister, Norman Lamb, Conservative MP, Andrew Mitchell and former Labour spin doctor, Alistair Campbell have launched a new campaign which is calling for an increase in funding for mental health services in England.

The campaign also highlights the lack of access to treatment that many face, with an incredible three out of four mentally ill children receiving no treatment at all. Highlighting the seriousness of this issue, currently, life expectancy for people with mental health problems is 20 years lower than that of the general population.

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The Most Dangerous Places To Drink In Britain

alcohol abuse and dangerNew figures which have been released by Labour MP, Liam Byrne have revealed the most dangerous places in Britain to drink alcohol and the popular stag and hen destination, Blackpool has topped the list.

Over the last year alone, hospitals in the area dealt with 1,720 admissions as a result of drinking - which is the equivalent of five per day. Second on the list is Stoke-on-Trent which sees 82.5 per 100,000 admissions to medical facilities because of drinking.

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