Tailor Made Replacements May Help Cannabis Withdrawal

Cannabis WithdrawalNew synthetic drugs are currently undergoing research and testing that may help cannabis users wean themselves off the substance. With street cannabis growing increasingly strong for decades, these synthetic substances may aid heavy users in restoring much needed control to their lives.

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Colombia to use Cannabis to Treat Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine SeizureBogota Colombia has a problem. They have 7,500 people addicted to cocaine who are turning areas of the city into dead zones where addicts mix with the cities other homeless. These users are hurting businesses and turning to crime to fund their habit. In an attempt to stop this, the cities government is planning to supply cocaine addicts with cannabis as a way to wean them off the cocaine.

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Smoking Cannabis Makes You Lazy?

Cannabis and Energy Individuals who smoke cannabis on a regular basis may find they experience lower energy levels compared to those who do not, researchers from the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction have suggested.

Acknowledging that only nine per cent of people who use marijuana become dependent on the substance, scientists did note that the drug can still cause several problems for those people who smoke it fairly often.

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Helping Others Can Help Teens Beat Their Own Addictions

A new study has found that teenagers recovering from drug and alcohol problems who actively help others that are struggling with addiction are much less likely to fall back into drug use themselves. This new altruistic form of treatment, tied closely to the 12 step program, has had great success in preventing relapse.

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