Men Suffer From Eating Disorders Too

Despite the common misconception, many men struggle with body image issues which in some cases can lead to damaging eating disorders. A number of factors can influence this problem, such as societal norms, advertising and career choice to name a few. The increasing awareness of male eating disorders is welcome progress.

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Infertility and eating disorders

difficulty conceiving for women with a history of an eating disorderIt is perhaps not surprising that women who are or have a history of an eating disorder, are likely to face difficulty conceiving. Eating disorders have long been associated with infertility, due to the drastic weight changes and hormonal imbalances associated with the disorder. Researchers from King’s College and the University College London have examined data from surveys of more than 11.000 pregnant women, including about 500 with a history of Anorexia, Bulimia or both conditions. This is the largest study of its kind in the UK and findings show that not only did women with a current or history of an eating disorder have more fertility problems, but they are also subject to higher incidences of unplanned pregnancies along with negative feelings about having a child. It is therefore important that these women are offered extra support during the antenatal stage.

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Eating disorders in the wake of retirement from professional sports

Eating disorders in athletesEating disorder treatment centres around the world are beginning to recognize the need for targeted with ex-athletes who, in the wake of leaving behind their sports, often gain an eating disorder. In America, in particular, where scholarships are awarded based on athletic performance, young athletes come to enjoy a certain status within their college and will often be training for up to 25 hours a week. When injury strikes and the professional athletics career is over, the young adult will necessarily feel a void and a loss of identity, as what has defined them since a very early age, suddenly no longer applies. This is when many, both men and women, turn to over-exercising, Bulimia, or Anorexia, - as a way of coping with this transitional phase.

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