One Third Of British Mums With Postnatal Depression Too Scared To Get Help

postnatal depression help for mothersA study carried out by Mumsnet and ITV News has revealed that almost a third (29%) of mums in Britain who have experienced postnatal depression were too scared to seek professional help.

The main reason new mums won’t seek help is because they don’t think their symptoms are bad enough to warrant medical help (81%). This was closely followed by 72% of respondents who sadly felt that they would be letting their family down by allowing themselves to get ill. Three quarters of those who wouldn’t seek help said that they were worried that if they did, it would raise concerns about their ability to care for their child.

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Dealing With Depression During Christmas

depression infographicDepression during the holidays can be a terrible burden to carry but it is important to understand that you are not alone. Depression affects millions of people and knowing this can make people suffering from this mental illness feel at least some reliefe. In order to better understand depression, Life Works has created this infographic. It will help you understand who depression affects, when it is likely to strike and what can bring it on. If you are suffering from depression, make sure you speak to your doctor about the problem and get help. You can recover and Life Works can help. If you would like to know more about our depression treatment, please contact us today

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Understand Why Men Experience Depression Differently

depression in menThere’s no doubt about it, depression affects both men and women. Countless studies have suggested however that the way we experience mental illness differs depending on our gender.

Aside from the typical symptoms of depression, men commonly report feeling a deep despair that won’t go away. They may feel drained of energy and emotionally cut off from everything and everyone. A man who is depressed can be in a state of constant agitation, he may feel restless, irritable and on edge.

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New Parents Are Struggling With Mental Health

Depression and new parentsA poll which was carried out by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has revealed that two in five new parents experience a mental health issue during or after pregnancy with their first child.

Despite this, less than half (46%) considered seeking help with a quarter of respondents saying it’s because they were too scared to do so. Worryingly, these findings confirm that there is still a stigma attached to mental health and it’s preventing people from seeking out potentially life-saving support.

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Study Finds Link Between TV and Depression

b2ap3_thumbnail_depression2_20151123-142906_1.jpgResearchers at the University of Toledo have found that binge-watching television is linked with higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress.

For the duration of the study, participants were asked to make a note of how much television they watched each night and how they felt afterwards. Just under 80% admitted to watching two or more hours of television per night and after spending a couple of hours in front of the box, the subjects reported lower mood, anxiety and stress.

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Research Highlights Link Between Depression and Alcohol

alcohol and depression Depression is one of the most common mental health problems in the UK and following the publication of new research, Alcohol Concern has reinforced the complex relationship between the condition and excessive alcohol consumption.

A number of clinical research studies have showed that over a long period of time, excessive alcohol consumption can cause depressive symptoms. Regular drinking disrupts the brain’s chemical responses which alters the way it operates due to lower levels of serotonin being produced.

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Forty Percent Of British Men Have Considered Suicide

Depression and SuicideResearch carried out by the Campaign Against Living Miserably (Calm) has found that an unbelievable 40% of British men aged between 18 and 45 have considered taking their own lives at some point.

Of those, a similar proportion said that they did not discuss these thoughts with anyone else which confirms concerns that men feel that they can’t open up about how they’re feeling to others. The most common reasons men give for not discussing their problems reinforce the norms of what society thinks it is to be a man - they’re not to talk about their feelings or make those around them worry.

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New Mental Health Campaign Gets High Profile Support

mental healthFormer mental health minister, Norman Lamb, Conservative MP, Andrew Mitchell and former Labour spin doctor, Alistair Campbell have launched a new campaign which is calling for an increase in funding for mental health services in England.

The campaign also highlights the lack of access to treatment that many face, with an incredible three out of four mentally ill children receiving no treatment at all. Highlighting the seriousness of this issue, currently, life expectancy for people with mental health problems is 20 years lower than that of the general population.

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The Difference Between Sadness And Depression

depression and sadness Depression has become a huge issue in the UK. In fact, along with mixed anxiety, it’s the most common mental disorder in Britain. It’s therefore hardly surprising that in recent years, a huge amount of time, effort and funding has gone into raising awareness about it and making people more aware of the symptoms.

Despite this, it can still be difficult to tell the difference between general sadness and depression which can create huge problems. Some people think they’re just a bit down in the dumps and end up neglecting a serious condition that requires medical attention whereas others are seeking treatment for what is actually a normal emotional state.

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Postnatal Depression Affects One Quarter Of New Mothers

b2ap3_thumbnail_mother_20151106-101911_1.jpgAlthough there is absolutely no doubt that welcoming a new baby into the world is one of the happiest times of any parent’s life, such a life-changing event combined with a lack of sleep and unpredictable hormones means that is can also be one of the most difficult.

Highlighting just how much of an impact this can have, a new study has found that over half of new mums will experience mild ‘baby blues’ whilst more seriously, almost a quarter will suffer from postnatal depression.

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Survey Reveals Most Men Hate Their Bodies

eating disorder in menA shocking new survey has found that only 4% of men are happy with their bodies and that most are feeling increasing pressure to improve their shape.

The research was carried out on behalf of Alpha Man Magazine and found that a staggering 82% of men feel more stressed about not having an impressive physique than they did five years ago. The findings also revealed that men are willing to resort to drastic measures to achieve their dream body.

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Tips To Beat Depression

depression helpRegardless of whether you’re suffering from depression, you’re going through a difficult time or are just having a bad day, we all get the blues from time to time. Here are some quick and easy, yet very effective tips to help get yourself going and feeling on top of the world again.

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Dealing With Depression In The Workplace

depression in the workplaceDepression and other mental illnesses are affecting more people in the UK than ever before. This means that as an employer or manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your staff feel comfortable enough to seek help from you if necessary.

Below are some simple policies and procedures that will help to provide the proper support and encouragement any sufferers need in order to come forward and seek treatment or confide in you.

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Postnatal Depression May Hit More Parents Than Expected

depressed parentsHaving a baby is a special, exciting and happy time for most new parents. New research carried out in Germany has revealed that after the initial excitement is over however, most first-time parents experience a decline in overall life satisfaction.

The study, which was carried out at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research asked people in various different scenarios to rate their general life satisfaction on a scale of one to 10 every year. Shockingly, the decline in people’s happiness shortly after having their first child was greater than that observed amongst those who had suffered unemployment, divorce or even a bereavement.

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How To Tell People You Have Depression Part Two

depression helpOnce you have made the decision to confide in your loved ones that you are suffering from depression, the next step is actually communicating with them but what’s the most effective way of doing this?

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How To Tell People You Have Depression

depression treatmentMaking the decision to tell your friends, family or work colleagues that you’re suffering from depression is a big step. Not only is it difficult to let people in during this troubling time, sadly, there are still many misconceptions about mental illness and the last thing we want is to feel stigmatised because of it.

Opening up about your illness is one of the most effective steps towards coping and recovery however so here are some great ways to help you talk about it.

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Children As Young As Five Treated For Depression

children suffer from depressionNew figures have revealed that children as young as five are being treated for anxiety and depression in Sussex. Over a one year period, there were almost 3,000 referrals to specialist health services involving children and teenagers which has sparked concerns about the impact that modern life is having on the mental health of young people.

Nearly 500 more cases were reported up to April 2014 compared to the year before and some of the most common issues included separation anxiety, general anxiety, problems dealing with social situations, avoiding going out, depression and low mood.

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The Mental Health Of New Mums Continues To Go Unaddressed

Mothers and depressionIn recent years, perinatal mental health has been recognised as a major public health concern. Many researchers and healthcare professionals have highlighted the impact of mental health problems during the perinatal period and the need for more support to new mums and their families.

The perinatal period extends from when pregnancy begins right up until the first year after the baby is born and people will no doubt be more familiar with the term, postnatal depression. Despite the fact that this now affects one in seven women, very little is still being done about it.

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Former England Cricketer Gives Up Alcohol To Fight Depression

Alcohol and depression in former cricketerFormer England cricket star Andrew Flintoff has said he has quit alcohol because it makes his depression worse.

Flintoff was known for his drinking during the years he played but during an interview on Radio 4, he admitted that alcohol was his way of dealing with the pressure of being the England captain, injuries and trouble on the field.

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Is There A Link Between Junk Food And Depression

depression We all know that junk food is bad for our waistlines but could it could it also be wreaking havoc with our mental health?

A professor at the University of Columbia wanted to find out whether foods with a higher glycemic index (GI) are associated with greater odds of falling victim to depression. GI is a scale that ranks carbohydrate-containing foods by how much they raise your blood sugar and some of the most common everyday culprits of this include white bread, sweets, crisps, sugary soft drinks and chips.

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