Helping Others Can Help Teens Beat Their Own Addictions

A new study has found that teenagers recovering from drug and alcohol problems who actively help others that are struggling with addiction are much less likely to fall back into drug use themselves. This new altruistic form of treatment, tied closely to the 12 step program, has had great success in preventing relapse.

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More Suboxone Treatment Required Stateside

Leading medical professionals in the United States have called for a review of treatment methods available to doctors regarding opiate addiction. Removing current restrictions on the prescription of the drug Suboxone are highlighted as an important alteration required for the effective treatment of those who suffer from opiate abuse.

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Long Term Maintenance Shunned

Recovery from an addiction is a tough, long term process. A main concern of those who study addiction is that a user could replace an addiction to an illegal drug with an addiction to one prescribed as an alternative aid. It has become clear that to truly end an addiction a number of treatments must be utilized alongside medication.

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Eating Disorder Recovery is not Perfect

recovery from an eating disorder may not always be a smooth processRelapses are quite common in eating disorder recovery and while they can easily derail an otherwise great effort to get better, it might be useful to view them as learning opportunities. According to eating disorder expert and psychologist, Sarah K. Ravin, many recovered persons are convinced they will not relapse because they no longer have a drive for thinness or a desire to relapse. While this is an understandable logic, according to Professor Ravin, eating disorders are not rational disorders. The very thing that may have sparked the disorder in the initial stages, such as dieting, might not be what triggers a relapse. It is possible to relapse unintentionally.

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A ‘Me’ Day

A day without any should attached to itWhen was the last time you did something purely for you? Something that did not have any ‘should’ attached to the action, -but something you did just because you take enjoyment out of it. When in recovery from an addiction or eating disorder, it may seem as if many things are suddenly surrounded by rules and it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the countless well-meaning tips and pieces of advice that we obtain in the recovery communities. We are by no means urging you to turn your back on these, rather the invitation is to reflect for a moment, whether you manage to still have fun and enjoy yourself in your life-long commitment to sobriety. After all, many of the things that surrounded an alcohol or drug addiction, may on some level have felt fun, while for others there was no fun derived from these addictive behaviours, which is why sober life deserves to be enriched by a sense of connection, fun and light-heartedness.

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H.A.L.T. & H.O.W.

Relapse Prevention - HALT and HOWThis is not some tricky code that we are inviting you to decipher, but rather, catchy acronyms that, if applied, can be instrumental in relapse prevention. Those in addiction recovery will be perhaps testify to the importance of taking care of the four basic needs contained in HALT, by regularly taking a moment to assess whether one is feeling ; Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. Similarly, approaching recovery with an attitude of Honesty, Openness, and Willingness, will undoubtedly support the journey of lifelong sobriety. Naturally, it does not end there, but it is worth noting that some of the simplest truisms, if integrated, often carry the greatest potential for transformation, and not just for people in recovery.

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Social Anxiety & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction TreatmentThe challenge is that, initially, using alcohol to manage social anxiety does seem to work. However, as the body and mind start to tolerate the use of alcohol more and more is needed to obtain the same effects and so a physical and psychological dependency develops that can easily lead to alcohol addiction and thus the requirement for alcohol addiction treatment.

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When was the last time you truly noticed the feel of the water on your body whilst taking a shower? Or really savoured your food, noticing the many flavours and the various textures? For most of us, the majority of our daily tasks are carried out without any noticing of the sensory richness of these, somewhat mundane tasks. For many, food is consumed in front of the TV or computer, or on the go, - and the shower routine has become the ideal place to plan the day ahead, think about meetings, or daydream. On reflection the answer that comes up for many of us is that we rarely truly notice and pay attention. The implication of living a life on autopilot, busy entertaining thoughts concerning the future or the past, is that we may never be where we actually are.

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