Tailor Made Replacements May Help Cannabis Withdrawal

Cannabis WithdrawalNew synthetic drugs are currently undergoing research and testing that may help cannabis users wean themselves off the substance. With street cannabis growing increasingly strong for decades, these synthetic substances may aid heavy users in restoring much needed control to their lives.


With the rate of cannabis relapse estimated at 71% within the United States, the choice to go cold turkey with cannabis is far from simple and certainly not easy. While many would be surprised at such a figure, the fact remains that many thousands of users are struggling with the problem of staying clean from cannabis. This problem is expected to increase in scale in America as the drug comes ever closer to decriminalization or full legalization.


 One of the substances aimed at assisting with this problem is Nabilone. As a synthetic cannabinoid, Nabilone mimics the structure of cannabis without giving a high to the user. It appears from initial testing that Nabilone is effective in reducing common cannabis withdrawal symptoms related to sleep and appetite. It also appears that the substance can help minimize the level of stress and general impairment in individuals attempting to quit cannabis; something quite significant in the psychological battle of withdrawal.


Similarly, it has been found that a combination of THC delivered orally and lofexidine can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms in the same vein as Nabilone. Lofexidine is an opiate withdrawal drug that has seen use within the United Kingdom. It is not, however, approved for use within the United States as of yet.


While it may seem surprising or controversial to some, the use of synthetics in withdrawal from cannabis is a perfectly legitimate and feasible avenue, providing appropriate substances can be found that are both effective and minimal in their side effects. The fact that many view cannabis is a safer or more benign substance does not change the fact that many users struggle with abstinence. Symptoms such as sleeping issues and problems with the appetite of the individual in question are very real and can be very disruptive in day to day life, something that can spill over into other areas and be profoundly difficult to contain. If these synthetic drugs can be researched thoroughly and implemented in reducing the difficulty of withdrawal from cannabis for users, thousands will benefit and gain further confidence from conquering a difficult issue within their own lives.


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