Ten Ways To Reduce Stress

stress reductionIt’s perfectly normal to feel stressed and anxious when we have a lot on our plate but unfortunately stress is incredibly counter-productive. Not only does it prevent us from actually getting things done, it’s also hugely detrimental to our health and general well-being. If you find yourself worrying and feeling anxious about things, here are 10 great ways to help reduce that stress.

1) Wake up earlier

Waking up just five to 15 minutes earlier leaves you a bit of extra time to enjoy and appreciate the day. Resist hitting that snooze button because you’ll end up rushing around to avoid being late which starts the day on a stressful note.

2) Join a yoga class

Connecting movement with breath has been proven to be one of the best natural ways to beat and prevent stress. Most gyms and fitness centres hold classes and there are also plenty of local independent instructors who put on sessions.

3) Listen to music

Research has showed that lying down and listening to music can be just as effective at relieving stress as getting a massage is.

4) Exercise

Exercise is renowned for boosting those feel-good endorphins and new research has also showed that regular physical activity can help the brain to deal with stress much more efficiently.

5) Use peppermint

Interestingly, a study found that those who smelled peppermint during their daily commute experienced a 20% decrease in their anxiety and fatigue levels and a 25% dip in frustration levels. So if you’re feeling the stress, sip on some peppermint tea or keep some peppermint essential oil close by.

6) Don’t procrastinate

Putting things off that you’re dreading only makes it a lot harder and more stressful. Try getting these things out the way first so you can then look forward to doing the things you enjoy even more.

7) Meditate

It may feel strange and silly at first but breathing in deeply and sinking into relaxation rewires your brain to be more resilient when stressful situations arise.

8) Write things down

Instead of stressing out about everything you need to remember to do, try writing things down. This way you won’t forget anything and it will feel great when you can tick things off your list.

9) Keep things tidy

Whether it’s your office desk or your home, a messy area automatically makes us feel more stressed and anxious. Get into the habit of tidying up as you go along and you will notice those chaotic feelings disappear in no time.

10) Get a good night’s sleep

Not getting enough sleep can make us feel very stressed and anxious the next day. Whether you prefer watching TV, having a bath or reading a book, start relaxing a couple hours before bed because this increases your chances of being able to fall asleep promptly.

If you suffer from anxiety, please feel free to visit our Knowledge Centre. Here you will find everything from the signs and symptoms of the disorder to how it can be treated. You can get help for anxiety by calling us to discuss our treatments today.

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