The 12 Steps by Jamie Moon

Jamie Moon talks about the 12 steps in detail.It is my intention to write a series of articles about the Twelve Steps and there use in many areas. I intend to break each Step down and talk about just what I have found each Steps benefit to be. I will dare to talk about the weaknesses I belief have been interpreted into the Steps and the dangers of making the writings of any of the programs, dogma.

I may also speak of the adulteration of the use of the Twelve Steps by many of the worlds Treatment Centers and how doctors and psychologists have used these places to forward their own agendas. I will ask such questions as, “Should there be more Twelve Step work and less pharmaceuticals in some of these places? We have all seen people come out of some treatment facilities spouting a lot of psycho babble but with very little understanding of the Twelve Steps. In fact it has been going on so long that you can walk into many meetings hearing nothing but psychology or people whining. On to the first of many articles… Let’s talk. Respond, when you do I will try to keep up.

The Twelve Steps – Spiritual or Therapeutic?

We have been given, I believe, in the Twelve Steps one of the most powerful therapeutic tools that has ever been created. Used correctly, they literally take a person completely apart and put them back together again. The difference is that when we were putting ourselves together the first time we had no idea what we were doing or the consequences of what we were creating ourselves to be.

Now, the Twelve Steps were originally developed to alleviate alcoholism. And an opinion was put forward in the early days by one of the founders of that program, which most of us have bought as the truth, that there must be a focus on one addiction. The belief being that AA would find the same fate as the “Washingtonians.” When in reality there were many reasons for their downfall.

Yes, the Twelve Steps have “a Spiritual Awakening as the result of these Steps.” But isn’t it A result of the Steps and not The result. And what is a Spiritual Awakening anyway? Isn’t it becoming more conscious in our lives? And, no longer living out of old unconscious beliefs and decisions from our past? I put forward to you a new definition of conscious and unconscious.

To be conscious is:

To know exactly WHAT you are doing/saying and exactly WHY you are doing/saying it.

To be un-conscious is:

To NOT to know exactly WHAT you are doing/saying and exactly WHY you are doing/saying it.

How many of us while driving or travelling on the bus or tube ended up past where we intended? Or got home and didn’t remember getting there, sober. Psychology tells us that we are operating out of unconscious behaviors from 80 to 90% of the time. So if we have an Awakening via the Steps, How much more therapeutic could the Steps be? And isn’t that the goal of every psychiatrist and psychologist? To have their patients become conscious of why they have been doing the thing that bothers them or society and have them awaken to their ability to choose differently? Until next time…

Jamie Moon

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