The dangers of legal highs

legal highsReadily available in many High Street shops or via the Internet, the use and abuse of legal highs in the UK is growing at an alarming rate. As the death toll of youngsters who are experimenting with these substances very sadly continues to rise, calls are finally being made for a ban.

One of the biggest challenges parents, teachers, guardians and health experts face when trying to dissuade children and teenagers from taking legal highs however, is the very name of these substances. The fact that they are deemed ‘legal’ means that impressionable youngsters are easily persuaded to participate in taking them because they know they can’t get in trouble with the police and they assume that because it’s legal, it must be safe.

The truth is however that legal highs actually contain one or more chemical substances that produce similar effects to illegal drugs such as cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy. Worryingly, there isn’t enough research about these substances to reveal their exact potency or their long-term effects on the mind and body.

According to figures which were released last month, the number of police incidents involving legal highs have more than doubled in a year. There is no doubt that the Internet is a huge contributing factor towards this because it means that absolutely anyone can access whatever they want quickly, easily, cheaply and without rousing suspicion.

The biggest problem with this? Nobody knows exactly what is in this potentially deadly cocktail of chemicals. All medical professionals do know is that these apparently ‘safe’ legal highs have been directly linked to poisoning, emergency hospital admissions, effects on mental health and in some cases, death.

As legal highs continue to become a growing concern it has just been announced that a new legal high drop in centre will open in Guildford. If you’re worried that you or someone you know could have an issue with drugs of any kind, please feel free to visit our Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Page for more information about symptoms and treatments available. You can also contact us today for more help and advice.

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