The military has an alcohol problem

In recent years there has been a spike in heavy alcoholism among members of the military. Soldiers returning home from war are twice as likely as their civilian counterparts to have a severe drinking problem. This is not just a case of overindulging at parties or having one too many at the pub. A new study has found that those hardest hit are soldiers that developed post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression after returning home from deployment. These men and women are more likely to be drinking simply to feel normal rather than to have fun.

Another problem faced by the military is the use of alcohol by recruits before enlistment. Young adults entering the military are more likely to have been heavy drinkers in school. This coupled with the culture of drinking already prevalent in military life has made alcohol abuse a real problem for the modern soldier.

As men and women return home from war, PTSD and depression will become more common. It is important that these conditions are identified early and treated rather than allowing more veterans to succumb to alcohol.

We recently found this interesting infographic that includes some shocking statistics about drinking in the military. Click the image below to view!


Problems with Drinking Veterans

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