The Principle of Compassion

Compassion by Jamie Moon

By Jamie Moon

The Buddhists believe that the key to a life free of pain is through Compassion. Compassion certainly is a component of love. Science has demonstrated that ninety-five percent of all behaviors are habitual. Therefore if we have been living with unresolved issues, resentment, anger, addiction—we are likely to be living a life of self-defenses. Which is what I prefer to call our so called character “defects”—defenses? As long as we believe that we must defend ourselves from an evil world we will be living from our character-defects.

With our willingness to “clean up the wreckage of our past addictions and disorders means that we must have a Compassionate view towards those towards those to whom we are making amends. And, as with Forgiveness, it is not possible to have Compassion from a position of “better than” or “worse than” those to whom we wish to be Compassionate. With Compassion we are no longer hypnotized by historical events. We will not need to carry the limitations of the past into the future.

I am no longer one who believes that “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” Nothing is too good to be true. There is a Higher Power that can do anything within established Spiritual Laws. But we must let go of the beliefs that have bound us till now. We do that by living from newly established Principles of Life found in the process of the Steps. In Step Eight we, “Made a list of all person’s we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.”

Without Compassion for their part we still keep ourselves attached to our righteousness. If there is one thing that I have learned while trying to work this Program, it is that when our amend comes, if I am not willing to be wrong—there is NO relief. The past still limits me.

When we have Compassion for others then we can completely forgive and get clearance in our minds. For let us never forget that we are judged by the judgment with which we judge. Our lives without is but an extension of the within.

We will not get clearance of our own previous mistakes, failures and misfortunes, pain and suffering, until we clear the mistakes, failures and misfortunes, pain and suffering of those we have blamed in our lives. Without which, we shall merely be monotonously repeating those past patterns. I have come to see that what is true for the human body is also true for the mind, emotions and spirit. That truth is the body is a healing machine. Everything that ever goes “wrong” in the body is immediately worked to be healed.

The mind, emotions, and spirit do the same. This is why we automatically keep repeating patterns—so that this time we will heal from those past events. So let us say to all those past experiences, “Bless you, my friend. I desire for you—health, happiness, and success. I wish you peace, love and joy. I desire for you the kingdom of heaven here on earth—right now.”

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