The Principle of Justice

jamie moon and justice By Jamie Moon

Justice? Do we really understand Justice? The dictionary says that Justice is being just and fair. The Principle of Justice determines just and fair conduct—the basis of true reason. So how do we apply this Principle to our daily lives and addiction recovery?

To not be unfair in my dealings with people is one way in which I practice this particular Principle in my life today. True Justice is to treat myself with fairness and not expect more than my share for anything that I do. This is true for alcoholism recover and my every day life.  If we think about the symbol for Justice in the court systems of the world we see a scale where all is projected to be in balance before judgement is passed. As stated in earlier Principles if I try to elevate myself above another we are unable to communicate. This leaves things out of balance.

So balance is a factor in Justice. If my finances are not in balance I find problems there. If my relationships are not in balance I find problems there. In looking at Justice in this way we see the importance of it as a Life Principle. Here in Step Nine where we, Made direct amends to such people, wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others—it is vital that in the exception written into this Step for Justice to be served.

There is no Justice in buying our freedom at the cost of someone else’s. That certainly is not a true amend for it creates imbalance. Amends, as we have come to understand them, are meant to restore balance. It is said in the Big Book that, we will not regret the past or wish to shut the door on it. Our once consistent habit of trying to shut the door on the past by, ignoring it or shutting people out of our lives that we have wronged, simply doesn’t work. If, I have done all that I can do to bring balance back into my life by mending my past behavior. We do this whether or not the other parties in the situation ever mend theirs. We put ours right. Our side of the street has been cleaned using true Justice.

This being done we do get to no longer, regret the past or wish to shut the door on it. We are free at last—really and truly free at last.

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