The Principle of Spirituality

jamie MoonTo practice Spirituality today—One Day at a Time here in Step Eleven takes lots of practice. A lifetime of practice is in front of me but the only practice that really matters is that which I do today. Spirituality is the quality or fact of being Spiritual. It is also a predominantly Spiritual character as demonstrated in thought and life—a Spiritual nature or tone. This is as opposed to living from character defects or defences.

I would also call it a life guided by Higher Power rather than ego-power. A proper use of the Steps has shown us that ego-power brings us powerlessness. My physics teacher taught me that Consciousness is the Ground of all being. This means that all is made of Spirit. In the Big book there is a statement that says that, Either God is everything or God is nothing. And it goes on to say that it is our choice. Therefore if God or HP is Spirit then we are Spirit. Each of us individualized expressions of God.

According to the above definition we practice Spirituality by creating a Spiritual character or attitude. Since I Consciously chose to believe that God is everything and that I am one with It, I fond more and more evidence of this fact. Spirituality is now a way of life not just another set of beliefs that dominate me. What is it that I have to do to increase my Spirituality or as pointed out in Step Eleven—Improve my Conscious Contact?

Each morning I pray often reminding myself of the prayers of Steps Three and Seven. I also pray for knowledge of God’s will for me, and the Power to carry that out. I then read for anywhere from ten minutes to an hour or more—depending on the state of my mind. The worse my state the more I do. After which I meditate on what I have read, shifting from the old faulty ideas I once created to now more Conscious and relevant ideas I now choose to replace them with. I do not leave the house in a state of disturbance. In the evening I pray and read again more Spiritual books. These Practices have in part changed my life. However, without the cleaning up of my past (and present) behaviour I cannot keep this connection.

I love my practices and I love my life. I no longer wake up with the “four horseman” waiting for me. I am free because of my Practices.

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