The Principle of Stewardship

jamie moon

By Jamie Moon

Stewardship is the responsibility for taking care of… whatever needs to be taken care of—such as our sobriety. Remembering the definition I place on sobriety as “a peaceful calm, contented, serene and well balanced life.” I believe this sobriety can be found through the practice of the Twelve Steps in our daily lives. Now most of those of us that do practice these Principles in all our affairs recognize Steps Ten, Eleven and Twelve as the maintenance Steps.

Now the first of those Maintenance Steps is Step Ten where it says that we, Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. In order to do that we must truly understand what we are continuing. What do the first none Steps accomplish? Well in my experience both with practicing them and with working with others to practice them, is that they clean up the wreckage of the past. They uncover or identify the problem, which is not what we thought it was at all.

They discover that problem to be the unmanageability of our lives—our emotional life. Then they discard the beliefs and historical “evidence” of our habits, addictions and obsessions that have been blocking us from a peaceful, calm, contented, serene and well balanced life. Our friend Chuck C. used these words often when he said that the Program has us uncover, discover, discard, and recover from a seemingly incurable physical, mental and spiritual illness.

So according to his believe and mine the last three Steps are the recovery Steps. We all know the argument between those that believe they are recovering not recovered. Well I am on the side of recover—not recovered or recovering. Today I recover one day at a time—recovered puts my practices in the past and recovering puts the benefits in the future. If we have preformed the first Nine Steps thoroughly we will have recovered from our past mistakes. If we continue to practice what we did in those first Nine Steps as part of our Maintenance Steps today, we will recover—for today. This Stewardship will assist us in being good Stewards of the recovery we found from the past—today.

Stewardship is being responsible for the three areas of life we use to blame on others. They are one, our feelings or emotions. They have always been the problem and blaming others for them has given us nothing but excuses for our behaviour. Which brings us to the second are of responsibility, our actions (including our re-actions and in-actions). It is vitally important for a sober way of life to be clear that no one causes us to do or not to do anything. The final area of responsibility we have is for our beliefs. Way to often we blame others (especially our fathers and mothers) for our beliefs. Fortunately we can change our beliefs. This means that the bottom line is that we are responsible for our beliefs. If they are responsible for our beliefs then they are the only ones that can change our beliefs—simply not true.

So as good Stewards we practice the first nine Steps daily in Step Ten. Uncovering, discovering, and discarding any mistakes we make today.

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