The Rise Of Middle Aged Cocaine Addicts

cocaine abuseA new government report has revealed that not only has cocaine use in Britain trebled over the last two decades, but there is a new phenomenon of rising drug consumption amongst people in their forties and fifties.

Traditionally, cocaine use has been highest amongst those in their late teens and twenties but while usage among younger age groups has actually fluctuated in recent years, figures from the Office for National Statistics show the that the percentage of over-35s taking cocaine at least once in the past year has increased from 0.8 percent in 2001/2 to 1.5 percent in 2013/14. This is the equivalent of an increase of nearly 190,000 people.

in 2013/14, it was found that 1.8 percent of people aged 34-44 took cocaine which was an increase of 1.3 percent compared to a decade earlier. Amongst the 45-54 year-olds, the figure doubled from 0.3 percent to 0.6 percent.

The report revealed that overall, just over 810,000 men and women aged 16-59 in England and Wales used cocaine at least once last year. This is the equivalent of 2.4 percent of the population which is the highest rate in Europe.

Speaking out about why there appears to be such a big increase in the number of Brits using cocaine, the report said:

“It’s notable that there have been statistically significant increases across many age groups up to the age of 54 years; a phenomenon that has not been observed in respect of other drug types. It could be that more people are taking up cocaine later in life. However, the data suggests that it is the result of continued use among an ageing user cohort - suggesting that age does not lead to people giving the drug up.”

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