The State Of The UKs Mental Health

Mental health in the UKNearly 10 million adults in the UK are being diagnosed with at least one mental health problem every single year. With that equating to an incredible one in four of us, it makes psychiatric treatment one of the biggest issues affecting society today.

The figures, which come from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also estimate that one in 10 children aged between five and 16 have a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder. Of these, 6% have a conduct or behavioural problem, 3% have been diagnosed with anxiety and 1% with depression. Some of the other conditions amongst children include autism, tics and eating problems.

One of the biggest challenges that healthcare professionals are facing is that treatment isn’t as simple as just looking at the mental health problem alone. Often, such disorders are linked to physical conditions as well because the two frequently go hand-in-hand.

30% of people suffering from a long-term physical health condition also have a diagnosable mental health problem. Those with a psychological disorder are also twice as likely to die from coronary heart disease and four times more likely to die from respiratory disease. Furthermore, they are at higher risk of becoming overweight or obese. It has in fact been estimated that one third of ‘avoidable deaths’ amongst the under-75s involve someone with a mental disorder.

With such a huge increase in the number of people suffering with mental health issues, it’s no secret that hospitals are struggling to give patients the care or even diagnosis that they need. Worryingly, studies have shown that children and teenagers who don’t get the help and support they need have been found to have worse prospects when they reach adulthood.

Those with mild conduct problems have been found to have double the chances of ending up with no qualifications and those with severe conduct problems are four times more likely to have been arrested by the time they are 30 years old.

If you think that you or someone you know could be suffering with mental health problems, please feel free to visit Life Works website for more information about the signs, symptoms and treatments available. You can also contact us today for help.

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