The Top Ten Things That Stress Brits

Anxiety in everyday lifeDirect Line recently carried out a survey on more than 2,000 Brits to find out what stresses us out the most in everyday life. The results make for some interesting reading and we can certainly relate to some of them. How many of the below also make your blood boil? Perhaps your biggest bugbear isn’t on the list. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

The survey has revealed that not being able to sleep, losing your keys and being stuck in traffic make up the top three most stressful situations for us Brits. Sleepless nights claim the top spot with 46% of us citing that this causes serious anxiety.

It would appear as though we’re not too good at dealing with embarrassing situations either. 30% of us find it very stressful when we run out of toilet paper when already on the loo and 25% want the ground to swallow us up when we go to pay for something but realise that we’ve forgotten our bank card.

Unsurprisingly, several of the biggest causes of worry directly stem from work-related situations. Being stuck in traffic when we’re already late makes 35% of us anxious, 33% of people panic when they lose an important document and an incredible 31% of workers feel their blood pressure rise when the printer won’t work.

Also making the top 10 list of everyday things that stress us out is having nowhere to park, our phone battery dying while we’re out and having to deal with machine operated customer service rather than an actual person.

If you suffer from anxiety, please feel free to visit our Knowledge Centre. Here you will find everything from the signs and symptoms of anxiety to how it can be treated. If you are struggling with anxiety you can call us today for help.

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