Tips To Beat Depression

depression helpRegardless of whether you’re suffering from depression, you’re going through a difficult time or are just having a bad day, we all get the blues from time to time. Here are some quick and easy, yet very effective tips to help get yourself going and feeling on top of the world again.

Leave the house

When you’re feeling down, all you want to do is put on your pyjamas and stay in bed or slump in front of the TV. Even though it’s the last think you feel like doing, it’s important to get out and about. Sunlight and fresh air stimulates you whereas darkness stifles you. You don’t even have to have company to improve your mood, a simple walk or trip to the coffee shop can work wonders.

Eat the right foods

Again, when we’re feeling down in the dumps we tend to reach for the comfort food. Sadly, this will only prolong a low mood and can even make us feel worse about ourselves. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and good fats and carbs to keep your energy and blood sugar levels up. After all, being lethargic is only going to make you want to stay in bed even more.

Plan something fun

If you’re feeling sad because there’s nothing to look forward to, don’t wait for something to look forward to - make a plan. Contact friends, family and work colleagues and arrange trips to the cinema, a fun night out, a weekend away, go to a new class or it could even be something as simple as going for coffee.

Stop self-loathing

Maybe you have wasted the day, the house hasn’t been cleaned, you didn’t go to that gym class, you’ve fallen a bit behind on work and you ate too much. Try not to dwell on perceived failures. Tomorrow is a new day and you can start completely afresh. Self-loathing will only send you on a downward spiral of feeling worse and worse about yourself so try and find positives to focus on.

If you think that you or someone you know could be suffering with depression, please feel free to visit our Depression and Anxiety Treatment Programmes page for more information about the signs, symptoms and treatments available. You can also contact us today for more help.

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