What You Need To Know About Anxiety Part Two

anxiety factsContinuing from the first part of our anxiety awareness blogs, here are some more surprising facts about anxiety - a condition that is affecting more of us than ever before.

Childhood bullying can lead to anxiety in adulthood

It’s comes as no surprise that bullying can cause anxiety in children who experience it but new research has found that its impacts can last long into adulthood as well. One particular study that was published earlier this year found that children who were bullied by their peers are at a higher risk of developing mental health issues than those who were bullied or emotionally abused by an adult.

There may be a link between domestic violence and anxiety

Men who self-report abusive behaviours towards their partners were three to five times more likely to report symptoms of anxiety than non-perpetrators. This research is consistent with past research that has found men who have experienced or acted out domestic abuse are more likely to suffer from mental health issues.

Anxiety is bad for your teeth

It might sound odd at first but when you think about it, it’s not that surprising that anxiety can lead to dental problems. People suffering from social anxiety often experience bruxism (tooth grinding) which can lead to a host of problems including headaches, jaw pain, loss of tooth enamel, tooth decay and even tooth loss.

In fact, 40% of participants in a study who had been diagnosed with social phobia showed moderate to severe dental wear and 43% reported experiencing bruxism while awake.

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What You Need To Know About Anxiety

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