Why Easter can make you happier

easterThe Easter weekend is just a few days away and believe it or not, this is a great time to increase your happiness levels. How can Easter make you happier however? Carry on reading for some of our top tips.


Time off work

Easter means that we get to enjoy a nice four day weekend. Whether youre planning on getting away for a few days or are staying at home, the extra couple of days off can work wonders. By this time of year Christmas in long gone and for many, summer holidays are still a few months off so its easy to start feeling like work is taking over.

Take this time to relax, do something you enjoy, go somewhere different or just do something for yourself that you never get time to do. You can guarantee that you will head back to work on Tuesday feeling much more refreshed and motivated. 

Spend time with friends and family

With most of us off work for four days this is an excellent time to catch up with friends and family. Socialising and interacting with those we care about is a great way to boost our mental health and overall happiness. In fact, research has found that the happiest people are those who regularly spend time with family, friends and partners.

Eat chocolate

Theres definitely no shortage of chocolate at this time of year and this is the best excuse to eat it and not feel guilty. Chocolate contains endorphins which help you to relax and feel happier. If you want the maximum effect then opt for dark chocolate because it contains a lot more of those mood-boosting endorphins than white or milk chocolate does.

Spring is here

The clocks went back last week and now that Easter is upon us its official - Spring is here. This means more daylight and warmer weather which is excellent news for our happiness. Serotonin levels increase when were exposed to bright light which is why many of us feel happier during the summer months. Sunlight has even been proved to be incredibly effective at treating health conditions including Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

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