Wolverhampton Launches Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Program

Substance AbuseThe problem of alcoholism and addiction to illegal substances has recently been given serious attention within Wolverhampton, with the launching of a new contract spanning three years initially, working with the charity Nacro.  Nacro is a charity heavily experienced in dealing with crime related to substance abuse, and hopes to be part of the push within the Borough to decrease the number of cases linked to substance abuse and addiction.



The program is focused on a comprehensive and inclusive approach to ending addiction and dependency on various addictive substances such as alcohol and hard drugs, also providing assistance in finding employment and accommodation so that those affected can help get their lives back on track. Nacro hopes that its partnership with the City Council will improve the accessibility rehabilitation help and enable further outreach work within the area. Councillor Sandra Samuels spoke on the subject, stating that “Addiction can lead to social problems like crime, unemployment and welfare dependency, but when they are given the help and treatment they need, people use fewer drugs, commit less crime, manage their life better and generally enjoy better health.”


The partnership with Nacro is considered a positive and well-timed initiative, with aims to improve the quality of life for all residents and visitors within Wolverhampton. While a tough task to take part in, the Council has been that Nacro “has the vision, determination and capacity to work with us to support young people, families and adults affected by drugs and alcohol in a way that will make a significant difference to our city.”


There is no doubt that such outreach and rehabilitative programs are good value for money, with NHS estimates showing approximately £2.50 in savings for every pound spent on drug treatment, resulting in millions saved annually.  This initiative falls under the umbrella of wider government reforms on alcohol and drug treatment, enabling local authority more freedom in tackling the problem of addiction.

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