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Why choose Life Works rehab centre in Surrey?

Widely regarded as being one of the leading private rehabilitation centres in Europe, Life Works is able to deliver clinically excellent treatment that caters exclusively for private clients and those wishing to receive the finest mental health care available.

Life Works is dedicated to providing world renowned treatment for a range of mental health conditions, including addictions and eating disorders. We are also able to provide specialist treatment for mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, when these co-occur alongside a primary addiction or eating disorder diagnosis. If you require treatment for depression and anxiety as standalone conditions, this can be provided at our sister site, Priory Hospital WokingOur aim is to help each and every one of our clients to achieve a full and long-lasting recovery, enabling them to regain the healthy, happy and fulfilling life that they deserve.

How do we make a difference?

At Life Works, we know that treating mental health conditions is not just about medication and short-term solutions. That is why we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional care, combining an attractive and therapeutic environment with clinical excellence, experience and innovation. We are also committed to ensuring that robust aftercare plans are put in place, enabling our clients to continue with their recovery journey even after intensive treatment has concluded.

Dedicated team

Our highly trained team at Life Works consists of thought leaders in the field of mental health, each of whom is passionate about making a real difference for every client that we treat. Our dedicated team is made up of consultants, psychiatrists, GPs, psychologists, psychotherapists, complementary therapists, specialist nurses and dietitians, to ensure that we can offer comprehensive and personalised treatment. Our team are able to provide 24-hour care and offer one of the highest staffing ratios in the industry, with an average of three members of staff for every one client.

At Life Works, our dedicated specialists ensure that they remain up to date with current mental health research, in order to ensure that their practice adheres to robust national guidelines and is guided by the very latest thinking.

Many of our specialists are published experts in their field and have experience in delivering exceptional mental health care all over the world. Not only is our team highly qualified, with a vast range of medical experience, but many also play active roles within mental health organisations, charities, committees and advisory boards.

Read more about our experts, including their individual backgrounds, specialisms and qualifications.

A calm, safe haven

Life Works’ beautiful Georgian manor house, set in the tranquil Surrey countryside, offers the perfect retreat for individuals wishing to recover from their mental health problems in a safe and relaxing environment. We strive to help our clients achieve long-term, life-changing results, as opposed to simply providing a short-term sanctuary.

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Specialist services

At Life Works, we provide specialist services that have been purposefully designed to treat clients who struggle with addictions, eating disorders, and co-occurring depression and anxiety. We are also able to offer additional specialist support including alcohol and drug detoxification, stabilisation and assessment, intervention assistance and relapse treatment. This means that we can provide clients with safe and focused treatment, ensuring that they receive the very best care for their individual needs.

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Providing the best possible care for each of our clients is of paramount importance to us at Life Works. We work with the utmost integrity and as such, will only admit a client if we truly believe that we can offer the best treatment for their needs. If our experts deem that Life Works is not the best place for an individual according to their condition and requirements, then alternative treatment options and locations will be explored.

Our Life Works experts retain strong clinical links with nearby Priory sites, such as Priory Hospital Woking, enabling a smooth transition to other, more appropriate inpatient treatment, if we feel that this is the best course of action for any of our clients.


We pride ourselves on guaranteeing the utmost discretion and confidentiality for each and every one of our clients, ensuring that they can rely on receiving a strictly discreet and professional service. Clients’ visitors and guests are only allowed by appointment and are monitored throughout their visit.

Quality, compliance, governance and safety

The treatment that we offer at Life Works is governed by robust regulation and the very highest standards in mental health care, ensuring that the quality treatment and support that we expect, are delivered. All of our services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which is the independent government regulator that oversees the provision of healthcare in the UK. Our clinical teams undergo regular inspections and have demonstrated a consistently strong track record of clinical quality.

Our commitment to quality, compliance, governance and safety ensures that we continue to operate as one of the leading providers of private mental health care in Europe, enabling our patients to overcome their mental health concerns and experience lifelong benefits.

quality care commission

Read about the CQC report on Life Works.

Recognised mental health care provider

Life Works is recognised by all major private medical insurers including BUPA, AXA PPP, Cigna, PruHealth and AVIVA to name just a few. It is also possible for our treatment programmes to be self-funded. We offer a range of options as a means of maximising flexibility and access to treatment, for all individuals seeking our services.

Read more about our fees and funding.

Excellent outcomes

We continually strive to provide the very best mental health treatment and are extremely proud of our outcomes. This is verified by client feedback, with 95% of those who have used our services saying that they would recommend Life Works to a friend. In short, Life Works works!

Focusing on sustained recovery

  • Not all addiction treatment centres are the same. With a holistic approach, Life Works provides intensive, specialist treatment programmes in an intimate and open environment. As well as helping our clients reclaim their lives, our aim is to continue to support them as they maintain recovery, and enjoy healthy and fulfilled lives
  • Our clients benefit from being treated within our small, safe community. We are not a large psychiatric hospital treating wider mental health issues
  • We value the role of family and friends as an integral part of the treatment process, and provide support and relief for our clients, and those closest to them.
  • As specialists in behavioural health, we do not offer treatment to clients with severe mental health issues. We focus on providing specialist treatments tailored to our clients' specific needs
  • The haven and facilities that we provide create an appropriate environment for the exceptional therapeutic treatment that we deliver. We strive to help clients achieve long-term, life-changing results, not simply provide short-term sanctuary
  • We are honest, positive and caring. Above all, we are dedicated to recovery

If you want to get help, please call us on 01483 745 066 , to speak to one of our staff in confidence. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have and help you find the right treatment.


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