Drug Detox

Life Works provides safe and private medically assisted drug and prescription drug addiction detox. Our facility has private detox rooms, 24 hour healthcare staff and a scientifically proven drug detox plan to help our clients get clean and stay clean. We are committed to providing the best and most effective drug detox to all of our clients. This means supporting clients through their detox, treating any symptoms and providing a treatment plan beyond detox.

Detox is available for a range of drugs including:

Accommodation and facilities

Life Works drug detox rooms are designed to help you through the symptoms of detox. Each room is en suit and includes television, (which is only available during detox) access to our library and other entertainment. The detox rooms are also situated close to our nursing station to ensure our clients can quickly get assistance for anything they may need. All our detox rooms are private which means people recovering get the privacy and peace they need.

If you want to beat drug addiction and would like find out more regarding detox treatment, please call 01483 745 066 or click here to complete a short enquiry form.

Medical assessment

Upon arrival you will be given a comprehensive medical assessment, as well as a drug detoxification plan. This plan is developed by our doctors and nurses in conjunction with the results of your medical assessment.

The plan will take into account:

  • The amount you have been drinking
  • An in-depth appraisal of physical functioning
  • Seriousness of withdrawal symptoms

Of course, each of us experience detox in a unique way. Regardless of whether you have completed treatment before, each new detox is entirely different. You should be aware that the more regularly you detox and use your drug of choice, the worse the symptoms can be.

The Life Works drug detox plan calls for each client to be carefully monitored. We want to guarantee that all of our clients are healthy and working towards recovery. Our focus on physical health is tied to our mental health treatments. We understand that someone who is physically unwell will struggle to tackle their mental health problems. By keeping our clients happy and in good physical condition, we can help them start their treatment with the best possible chance of success.

Depending on the severity of withdrawal, the use of medication will counteract the worst of your symptoms. People detoxing from drugs may feel tired, irritable, have trouble sleeping or experience a number of different withdrawal symptoms. While there is no magic medication that stops all withdrawal symptoms, Life Works can use medication to help clients through detox. This can ease anxiety, help clients sleep or counteract other problems.

Our healthcare team

Life Works has a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, counsellors and other healthcare staff. These healthcare professionals are the backbone of Life Works treatment and provide 24 hour care to our clients. Anyone undergoing a drug detox at Life Works can be sure that they will be supported both medically and psychologically. Our staff are always happy to help and take great pride in helping clients in every way they can.

Nutrition during detox

At Life Works, nutrition is part of our treatment. We plan our meals with the help of our in house chef and nutritionist. Each meal we make is healthy, nutritious and delicious. This does more than improve overall health, it also lifts peoples mood and helps them get back onto a regular eating schedule. Clients undergoing drug detox at Life Works have the option of eating their meals in their rooms but when they feel they are ready, clients are encouraged to join the community for meal time. By joining the other clients at meals, people can make friends and start to create their own support network.

Therapy during drug detox

Life Works offers our clients a number of different treatments. Some of these begin as soon as someone admits to our facility while others do not start until after drug detox. The first therapy most clients get is visit with Life Works psychiatrist. This happens each time a client starts treatment. Life Works consultant psychiatrist preforms a comprehensive psychiatric assessment.

After admission, clients will meet their primary counsellor. This is the person who will work with the client after detox and help them start their recovery. primary counsellors guide clients through group therapy as well as other treatments.

A client who has finished detox will be able to join group therapy. The idea behind group therapy is to help clients realise they are not alone, teach them to better understand their addiction and provide healthy coping strategies for clients once they leave treatment. Group therapy also helps people develop a support network which can last well beyond treatment.

Alongside group therapy, clients will take part in psycho-education. This consists of various workshops to help teach clients about drugs and and drug addiction. People who understand addiction are far better equipped to fight it and recognise their own drug addiction issues.

Relapse prevention

Detox is a very important part of recovery but it is only the first step. People who are serious about getting clean and staying clean will need addiction treatment beyond just detox. Life Works provides this treatment which helps clients examine why they started using and shows them the underlying cause that kept them coming back to their drug of choice.

Without proper counselling and other treatment, detox will only break someone's physical dependence on a drug. This means their addiction remains intact. Detox will not help people break their destructive cycle of using.

Our treatment plan combines counselling and therapies to help clients rebuild their lives, develop healthy coping mechanisms and identify why they turned to drugs in the first place. This provides a strong base to start recovery.

Outcomes of detox 

Upon the conclusion of your detox, you will be removed from medication. Drug-free, you will be re-energised and better able to consider your future. Healthier and with a clear mind, you will accordingly be equipped to focus on your recovery - and ultimately achieve a life without drug abuse.

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