Benzodiazepine Detox

As a leading addiction treatment clinic, we appreciate that detoxification is simply the first step towards recovery. That’s why we provide supportive and safe detoxification that is tailored specifically to the individual’s unique needs.

Benzodiazepine detoxification requires meticulous medical management to ensure your safety and comfort.

Our specialist medical team supplies 24-hour care in order to ensure you are supported and as symptom-free as possible during the course of your detox.


Detox Accommodation

Helpfully located beside our on-site 24-hour nursing team, our detox room is the ideal setting for recovery. Additional personal assistance, meanwhile, is available dependent on the requirements and requests of the patient.

With en-suite bathrooms, our agreeable detox accommodation will instil a mood of calm and serenity.

Medical Assessment

Upon admission, you will be subject to a comprehensive medical assessment by our detox doctors, and a special detoxification plan will be drawn up.

Personalized to you, this plan pays attention to:

  • The amount of pills you are taking
  • A broad assessment of physical functioning
  • Severity of withdrawal symptoms

Individuals experience detox differently; no one is the same. And even if you have detoxed before, every subsequent detox presents new challenges. It is vital to note, therefore, that the more frequently you detox, the more serious your symptoms may be.

You are closely monitored after a careful plan has been put in place. Throughout each day you will be assessed several times. In point of fact, you will be assessed a minimum of four times per day to guarantee your comfort.

The level of medication you will be prescribed is based on your level of benzodiazepine consumption at the time of your admission. Moreover, it is imperative that you are honest and open in informing us of your present usage. This way, we will be able to ensure that you are given the maximum care and attention you demand.

The process of benzodiazepine detoxification involves slowly reducing the dose you are taking. We appreciate that this is typically a gradual process in order to guarantee your wellbeing and comfort.

During the day, and at regular intervals, your vital signs will be monitored. Should you begin experiencing difficulties with reduced doses, the reduction will be temporarily halted for your safety. In such cases, we will maintain you at a particular dose until you have stabilized. When it is in your best interests, we will resume the reduction process.

The primary aim of detoxification is to guarantee you are as soothed, untroubled and comfortable as possible. You should not experience notable discomfort during the reduction of your dose.

What to Expect

In the event that you have been taking benzodiazepines for some time, you might very well be apprehensive about reducing the dose. Because of our experience in benzodiazepine withdrawal, we appreciate your fears, and remain conservative in our reduction regime. While you may encounter anxiety and experience sleep disturbance during the course of benzodiazepine detoxification, we will educate you on methods to manage these symptoms without resorting to drugs. Such constructive care is critical in coping with benzodiazepine withdrawal. All Life Works staff members are trained in supporting people during detoxification. They are also available 24 hours a day to support your needs


As well as being highly trained and accustomed to helping patients recover from addiction, our nurses have specialized experience of benzodiazepine detox. With a special emphasis on wellbeing and comfort, our nurses are entirely non-judgmental, endeavouring to provide an empathetic environment. They are also available throughout the night, and resolve to make regular checks on you to ensure your contentment. Physical needs you are unable to fulfill will be taken care of in the short term.


We provide you with meticulously-devised and nutritious meals during your length of recovery. Initially, when the detox commences, you will be serviced in your room, your meals provided there; when you are physically able, meanwhile, we will advise you to fraternize with the community in our spacious dining room.


After your admission, and when convenient, we will introduce you to our Consultant Psychiatrist, who will administer a comprehensive psychiatric assessment.


Upon arrival you will be introduced to your Primary Therapist. Thereafter, you will be subjected to a full clinical assessment, accounting for your personal history, experience of substance misuse and all requisite psychological criteria. The therapist will then consult with you to tailor a personalized Treatment Plan. This plan will focus on your recovery, the objective being sobriety. Mapping out your path to this goal, your Primary Therapist will help you to manage any anxieties or reservations, whilst confronting concerns that could arise during the course of your detoxification. Regular, restorative sleep, meanwhile, will be achieved through the sleep hygiene techniques your Primary Therapist will teach you.

Group Therapy

When you are physically ready, you will be encouraged to take part in Group Therapy. Group Therapy will allow you to consider the function benzodiazepine serves in your life, and evaluate alternative methods to deal with life’s peaks and troughs. Positive and creative outlets such as Art and Drama Therapy will also give you an opportunity to further express yourself when you begin to feel stronger.


A plethora of psycho-education workshops will educate you as to the reasons why people - yourself among them - use benzodiazepine. As you learn more about dependence, you should be better able to maintain sobriety upon the conclusion of your program.

Assignment Work

We will always admit that detox is merely the initial step toward recovery. As such, we recognize that for a person to achieve sobriety over the long haul, they require assistance and structure. Consequently, our 12 Step Fellowships offer this framework in every city in the world. We will offer you with an introduction to 12 Step Recovery, and show how it could change your life.

Relapse Prevention

We are only too aware of the risk posed by a relapse. As such, your therapist will consult with you to devise a Relapse Prevention Plan that addresses every facet of your life - family, social network, employment. Particularly ‘dangerous’ or risky situations will be highlighted, together with techniques you can deploy to better handle these situations. The Relapse Prevention Plan will also identify inherent stressors in your life, as well as educating you on alternative strategies to better cope with these stressors.

Thorough plans will be devised as to your subsequent steps – whether they include additional in-patient treatment, personalized psychotherapy and/or attending fellowship meetings.


Upon the completion of your detox, you will no longer be reliant upon medication. You will be wholly and utterly drug-free. For many people, this will be the first time in years - perhaps decades - they have enjoyed life free of benzodiazepine. With renewed optimism and fervour, you will be free to focus on the rest of your life without the danger of benzodiazepine blighting your outlook.

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