Methadone Detox

As one of the world’s foremost addiction treatment clinics, we appreciate the difficulties that arise from dependence on drugs and alcohol. We also understand that the process of detoxification is simply the first step towards long-term recovery. With that in mind, we aim to help patients take a long stride towards that eventual goal. We provide supportive and safe detoxification that is conformed to the individual’s needs.

Our highly-trained medical team specializes in providing 24-hour care in order to keep you symptom-free throughout the course of your detox.


Ideally positioned next to our dedicated 24-hour nursing room, the detox room we provide induces a comfortable, placid mood - the ideal environment for recovery. Extra personal assistance, meanwhile, is available for those who require it.

Complete with en-suite bathrooms, our dedicated detox accommodation is relaxing, airy and convenient.

Medical Assessment

Your arrival will precede a thorough medical assessment by our accomplished detox doctors. Moreover, a personalized detoxification plan will be put in place to keep you on the right track.

This plan devised with close attention paid to:

  • Your level of usage
  • A comprehensive assessment of physical functioning
  • Severity of withdrawal symptoms

Because detox is an individual solution, each participant reacts differently; while some cope better than others, each person undertaking detox reacts to a variety of techniques and therapeutic doctrines. Even if someone has detoxed before, every subsequent detox presents new obstacles. It should therefore be noted that the more frequently you detox, the more severe your symptoms may be.

Once a plan is forged, you are closely monitored over the course of each day. In fact, our nurses will assess you a minimum of four times each day, ensuring you are comfortable, feeling positive and satisfied.

Our administration of medication depends entirely on the dose of methadone you are taking when you commence detox. At comparatively high doses, we will proceed to administer methadone in decreasing doses. As the dose is reduced, inevitable withdrawal signs will become evident. Consequently you will be granted medication to supplement your methadone dose, the result being the reduction and, ultimately, elimination of those symptoms. Should you begin experiencing difficulties with methadone detox at any stage in the process, the reduction will be suspended to allow you to stabilize; consequently, you will proceed on this methadone dose before further reduction.

Once you are managing a low dose of methadone, your medication will be altered to eliminate methadone and alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, this medication will be gradually reduced until you are entirely drug-free.

Depending on the severity of your withdrawal - remember, everyone reacts differently - medication will be administered to coincide with your symptoms. Such medication is incorporated as part of your detox, the aim being the management and resolution of symptoms you may experience during methadone withdrawal. While symptoms can include abdominal pain, and muscle/bone discomfort, many people also find that they become very sleepy during the first few days. This is not necessarily a symptom of withdrawal, but a byproduct of medication; patients should view this period as a time when they can regain their strength.

What to expect during Methadone detox


We appreciate that physical symptoms are not the only issues patients must overcome. In addition, a substantial part of methadone withdrawal is a fervent desire to reuse. The reality of such ‘craving’, of course, is that you will rid yourself of it the more you refuse to act on its orders. However, this is easier said than done. In order to grant you success in this endeavour, we will provide close support, educating you on how best to manage your cravings. Because there is a large body of evidence supporting care as much as medication during methadone withdrawal, we’re confident our specialist team can get you through the tough times. Available 24-hours per day, they will be on-hand for a chat, advice and support.

One symptom of withdrawal is manipulative cravings; cravings instructing you that you are okay and safe to go home. Instilling false hope that you are no longer dependent on methadone, such instructions are harmful to your chances of full recovery. We will work closely to support you as you experience such issues, ensuring your chances of recovery are not compromised by misguided optimism.


Each of our nurses is highly-trained, experienced in the rigors of methadone detox and in-patient care. Placing a strong emphasis on your wellbeing and nourishment, our team are non-judgmental, given to providing a caring environment for each patient who passes through our doors. Our nurses are also on-hand at all hours, and make frequent checks to ensure your comfort. If you are unable to take care of your physical needs, meanwhile, nurses are available to provide assistance in the short term.


We cater you with meticulously devised and nutritious meals during your length of recovery. Initially, when the detox commences, you will be serviced in your room and your meals provided there. When you are physically able, meanwhile, we will advise you to fraternize with the community in our spacious dining room.


When it is practical to do so, you will meet with our specialist Consultant Psychiatrist, who will commence a full psychiatric assessment.


Upon arrival you will be introduced to your Primary Therapist. Thereafter, you will be subjected to a full clinical assessment, accounting for your personal history, experience of substance misuse and all requisite psychological criteria. The therapist will then consult with you to tailor a personalized Treatment Plan you are happy with. This plan will focus on your recovery, the objective being long-term, stable sobriety.

Group Therapy

When you are physically able to do so, you will be encouraged to engage in Group Therapy. This outlet will allow you to consider the purpose methadone serves in your life, and investigate options to manage problems you face without resorting to reusing. Art and Drama therapy will also give you an opportunity to express your creativity when you feel better.


A range of psycho-education workshops will educate you as to the reasons why people - including yourself - use methadone. As you find out more about dependence, you should be better able to maintain sobriety upon the conclusion of your program.

Assignment Work

We recognize that detox is merely the first step toward recovery - however, we also believe it is the most important. For a person to achieve sobriety in the long term, meanwhile, it’s well established that they require assistance and structure. Consequently, our 12 Step Fellowships offer this framework in every city in the world. We will provide you an introduction to 12 Step Recovery, and educate you as to how it could change your life.

Relapse Prevention

Speaking with your therapist, you will have the chance to offer your input in the formulation of a Relapse Prevention Plan. This plan addresses every aspect of your life, such as family, social and employment. High-risk situations will be identified along with strategies that can be employed to manage these scenarios.

Exhaustive plans will be put in place to chart your next steps – whether they include further in-patient treatment, individual psychotherapy and/or engaging with fellowship meetings.


When detox is complete, you will no longer be reliant upon medication. In actual fact, you will be totally drug-free. Stronger, healthier and better able to understand your experiences, you can focus on recovery and the future - and a life free of methadone.


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