Heroin Detox

Given our status as a leading addiction treatment clinic, we appreciate that the journey to recovery is a perilous one; detoxification is simply the first step on that road. That’s why our detoxification programs are carried out in a safe environment, with supportive staff on hand to help in every way possible.

24-hour care is provided by our specialist medical team, ensuring you are as comfortable and untroubled as possible throughout your detox.


Located alongside our on-site 24-hour nursing room, our detox facility encapsulates the comfortable, calm atmosphere you need to succeed. Additional personal assistance, meanwhile, is available for those who require it.

With en-suite bathrooms, our detox accommodation is open, airy and stress-free.

Medical Assessment

A through medical assessment will be administered by our experienced detox doctors, and a detoxification plan that is unique to you will be drawn up.

The plan is formulated with close attention to:

  • How much/often you have been using
  • A comprehensive appraisal of physical functioning
  • Severity of withdrawal symptoms

Individuals experience detox differently; no one person is the same. And even if you have detoxed at some stage in the past, every detox thereafter presents fresh challenges. It is vital to note, therefore, that the more frequently you detox, the more severe your symptoms may be.

Upon the completion of your personalized plan, you will be monitored by our staff to ensure you are comfortable. During each day you will be assessed a minimum of four times, and nurses will be on hand to assess your requests and requirements.

The administration of medication is dependent on the severity of withdrawal, with the aim being the restriction of your worst symptoms. Medication is utilised to manage a range of symptoms associated with heroin withdrawal, including - but not limited to - abdominal symptoms and muscle and bone discomfort. The majority of people become sleepy during the first few days of detox; this is in part due to the medication, and this period will allow you to regain your natural strength.

What to expect during Heroin detox


As well as physical symptoms, we understand that heroin withdrawal prompts major cravings and a strong desire to reuse. The simple reality of such longing is that the longer you do not act on it, the quicker it will diminish and eventually subside. Saying as much is one thing, to be sure, and doing so is another. Because we appreciate the difficulty of managing these urges, we provide close support throughout your detox. Driven by a large body of evidence that claims supportive care is just as important in heroin withdrawal as medication, our trained team will make themselves available to you at any hour of the day and night.


As well as being highly trained and accustomed to helping patients recover from addiction, our nurses have specialized experience of heroin detox. With a particular emphasis on wellbeing and comfort, our nurses are entirely non-judgmental, endeavouring to provide empathetic care in a calm environment. They are also available throughout the night, and resolve to make regular checks on you to ensure your wellbeing. Physical needs you are unable to fulfill will be taken care of in the short term.


Carefully devised meals are provided to ensure peak nutrition during your recovery. While you will initially be offered meals in your room, you will be able to eat among the community in our spacious dining room when you are physically ready.


As soon as practicable after your arrival, you will be introduced to our specialist Consultant Psychiatrist, and subject to a full psychiatric assessment.


After you have met with your Primary Therapist, you will be also be the subject of a full clinical assessment. Conducted to ensure you are given the utmost care, the report will take into account your personal history, experience of substance misuse and all relevant psychological factors. The therapist will then consult with you to fashion a personalized Treatment Plan, focusing on your path towards sobriety.

Group Therapy

When you are physically able, you will be recommended to take part in Group Therapy. The purpose of such interactive stimulus is to explore the role heroin serves in your life, and to offer alternatives so as to manage the problems you encounter on a day-to-day basis. You will also have the option of participating in Art and Drama therapy when you start to feel better.


Participating in a multitude of psycho-education workshops, you will learn about substances and the factors that drive people to use drugs. The more you learn about drugs and drug dependence, the more qualified you will be to maintain sobriety upon the conclusion of your program.

Assignment Work

We will always admit that detox is merely the initial step toward recovery. As such, we recognize that for a person to achieve sobriety over the long haul, they require assistance and structure. Consequently, our 12 Step Fellowships offer this framework in each city throughout the world.

We will offer you an introduction to 12 Step Recovery, and educate you as to the benefits of such a program.

Relapse Prevention

In collaboration with your therapist, you will come up with a Relapse Prevention Plan that addresses every dimension of your life, including family, social and employment. While high-risk situations (i.e. the presence of ‘enablers’) will be pinpointed, strategies to counteract such problems will be suggested.

Well-structured plans will be put in place as to your next steps – whether they include supplementary in-patient treatment, individual psychotherapy and/or engaging in fellowship meetings.


Upon the completion of your detox, you will no longer be using medication. In fact, you’ll be totally drug-free, which will lead you to feel healthier, stronger and more positive about what the future holds. With a clear head and open mind, you can look forward to the benefits of a life without heroin.


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