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Co-occurring depression and anxiety treatment

At Life Works, we specialise in the treatment of moderate depression or anxiety, when these conditions co-occur alongside an addiction or eating disorder. We believe that recovery is always possible and our leading therapists in Surrey provide the highest quality care to achieve this.

How can Life Works help me with depression or anxiety treatment?

Treatment for depression and anxiety at Life Works happens as part of your addiction or eating disorder treatment programme and ultimately helps you to get your life back on track. Once your condition has been evaluated, Life Works’ residential treatment plan includes a comprehensive therapy programme and full medical supervision. Removed from your daily stresses, you can begin your recovery journey in a safe and therapeutic environment. Life Works’ co-occurring depression and anxiety treatment takes a holistic approach to help you to understand your unique condition and take steps towards a full and sustainable recovery.

If you require treatment & support for depression or anxiety as standalone conditions, this can be provided at our sister site, Priory Hospital Woking, or by any of our other specialist hospitals.

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