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A range of evidence-based treatment formats at Life Works

At Life Works in Woking, we are committed to developing bespoke treatment journeys for each individual who seeks support with us, instead of taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach. By delivering individually tailored treatment, we can ensure that each and every one of our clients is equipped with the skills and tools to manage their challenges, achieve positive outcomes, and take steps towards wellbeing and recovery.

We offer a range of treatment formats at Life Works, all of which have been shown to be effective in the treatment of addictions, eating disorders and any co-occurring mental health problems.

Group therapy at Life Works

Group therapy sessions form a major part of the treatment process at Life Works and allow clients to join together in a safe, facilitated space. Our group therapy sessions can be particularly valuable for individuals who struggle to express their feelings and needs to others and also for those who have experienced loneliness and isolation as a result of their addiction or eating disorder.

During sessions, group members are encouraged to share their experiences and insights in a supportive and trusting environment. This offers our clients different perspectives on problems relating to addiction, eating disorders and co-occurring mental health difficulties, and also provides opportunities for timely feedback and support from other members of the group. This experience supports clients to develop greater self-awareness and understanding of their relationships and has been found to be a highly effective treatment method.

At Life Works, we understand that you might find the thought of discussing your life experiences with a group of strangers to be quite daunting and even intimidating. As such, we ensure that you are given enough time to get to know your peers and hear their experiences, allowing you to build up a level of trust and feel safe to open up in your own time. Participation in our group therapy sessions often helps our clients to realise that they are not alone and gives them the opportunity to develop a sense of closeness and support amongst group members.

One-to-one therapy at Life Works

One-to-one therapy is typically used alongside group therapy in the addiction or eating disorder treatment journey. This form of therapy takes place on an individual basis between yourself and one of our highly experienced therapists. It provides you with a safe, supportive space in which to explore personal issues and to connect with the feelings that may emerge around these issues.

For many clients, this can be a difficult and often painful process. However, the work completed during one-to-one sessions helps clients to develop a greater insight and understanding of themselves and learn healthier ways to manage and cope with their emotions.

Family therapy at Life Works

We value the role of the family in treating addictions, eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. As such, our family programme forms an integral part of primary residential treatment at Life Works.

Our family programme is a two-day non-residential programme designed to enable participants to establish mutually supportive relationships amongst family and loved ones, whilst developing the tools to help with ongoing growth and recovery.

The aims of our family programme are to:

  • Develop healthy ways of communicating feelings and needs
  • Understand, set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Develop or renew intimacy in family relationships
  • Heal debilitating shame
  • Overcome past pain that impedes family fulfilment

To meet these aims, our programme combines three elements: education, group work and consolidation.

The programme addresses the trans-generational cycles of dysfunction and addiction that affect many families. Facilitated by our expert therapists, families are provided with a safe and nurturing environment to overcome the problems that arise from broken lines of communication. The integrity, respect and dignity of all participants are central to our philosophy.

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