London Cocaine Addiction Treatment

london cocaine addiction treatmentLife Works is a cocaine addiction treatment centre providing cocaine addiction treatment to the city of London and the greater London area. The treatment centre is situated in the surrey countryside far enough away from London to be discreet but close enough to provide easy access by car, train or taxi. It is a quick 40 minute drive by car and only 25 minutes by train to reach Life Works.

Life Works is also conveniently located near the major London airports. We are one hour from Heathrow and we are able to arrange for a car to pick clients up at airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, Farnborough and Luton.

To better help London residents struggling with cocaine addiction, Life Works offers a host of treatments that can aid recovery. These include week long detox programs to help people get through the physical withdrawal associated with cocaine addiction, long term residential cocaine addiction treatment, or a mixture of detox and residential treatment. Life Works also has individual therapies that we use in conjunction with our treatments.

Our most popular therapies are 12 step work, cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy sessions, individual therapy, and access to NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings. These therapies are combined and tailored to meet each client’s individual needs and goals.

Life Works can offer London residents both primary and aftercare treatments for cocaine addiction because we are so close to the city. Clients can stay with us for their man cocaine detox or treatment and family are able to visit easily. Then when the primary cocaine addiction treatment has finished, clients who want aftercare can easily attend Life Works day care.

Our day care services are perfect for London residents. Anyone who has had primary treatment with Life Works is eligible to attend day care with us. This means people looking for extra support or aftercare can come spend the day in treatment at Life Works and then return to London in the evenings. Life Works also has day care options inside London itself. We partner with Charter Day Care which has a Harley Street based program similar to Life Works. They can offer aftercare treatment and help for anyone in recovery.

Along with our day care options, Life Works offers a number of other aftercare treatment options. We have a large psychotherapist support network in London which we can use to connect patients and therapists. This assures that patients find the best therapist quickly so they can continue in their recovery.

Remember that many people in London struggle with cocaine addiction. No one should feel alone when they are looking to start their recovery. Life Works has helped hundreds of people living in London beat their cocaine addiction and we are ready to help you. If you have any questions about treatment or you would like to enquire about starting cocaine addiction treatment with us, please call 0800 081 0700 or fill out our contact form.


Life Works also offers treatments for a number of other problems and addictions including alcohol, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, gambling addiction, and other process addictions. These treatments offer sufferers hope and the chance to take back control of their lives. To learn more please call us at 0800 081 0700 or fill out our contact form.


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