Heroin Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

Heroin can come in many forms and is often mixed with a number of adulterants. This makes it incredibly dangerous because users do not know exactly what they are taking and there is no way to know how strong any given heroin is. Heroin is also incredibly addictive. It can alter chemical signals in the brain resulting in both a physical and mental addiction.

Someone struggling with heroin addiction is far more likely to beat their dependence on the drug with professional treatment. This includes a medically assisted detox which gets the person clean and helps them overcome the often severe withdrawal symptoms of heroin addiction. After the person is clean it is important to have help and counselling available to address the reasons behind an addicts desire to use heroin. If either of these steps is missing, addicts are likely to relapse.

The signs and symptoms of Heroin Addiction?

Whether someone is addicted to heroin, an opiate based drug, or even a prescription opiate, many of the associated signs and symptoms are the same. Heroin addicts will struggle to maintain relationships as the addiction consumes more of their lives and energy. Addicts may also have financial problems which might push them to steal. This often coincides with problems at work. People with a heroin problem begin to focus on the drug rather than other commitments like work. This can lower productivity or even get someone fired. Often addicts will become isolated as their addiction progresses, cutting off contact with friends and family.

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I think I need heroin addiction treatment, how can Life Works help me?

Life Works heroin addiction treatment program combines medically assisted detox and residential group therapy to help our clients. These treatment types can be combined as needed to provide individuals with the best treatment for their problem.

Our medically assisted detox helps people get clean while also dealing with anxiety and other problems related to detox. Our 24/7 nursing staff is on hand to help in any way they can.

Many people forget about medically assisted detox when looking for help but it is a very important part of treatment. Not only does a medically assisted detox help our clients manage withdrawals, it is necessary and stabilising factor before counselling and other treatments start. Someone who is dealing with withdrawal will struggle to take part in a group therapy or other treatment methods and so they must be given time for their bodies to fully adjust to a heroin-free life.

While the medically assisted detox focuses on the physical aspect of addiction, residential group therapy treatment works on the mental aspect. Once a client enters residential treatment, they start therapy to understand the thoughts emotions and motivations behind their heroin use. The idea is to understand what motivates each client to use drugs and teach them appropriate coping mechanisms. This gives heroin addicts the emotional toolbox to cope without using heroin and helps them start recovery.

Starting heroin addiction treatment at Life Works

Heroin addiction treatment is a complicated process and it can take some time to treat. If you feel you are ready to beat your heroin addiction and begin the path to recovery, Life Works can help. Our doctors, nurses and counsellors have helped hundreds of people get their lives back.

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