Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

Do I need help with cocaine addiction?

Cocaine addiction is a mental illness that can destroy relationships, ruin careers and leave sufferers financially crippled. At its worst, cocaine addiction can even kill. People can die of heart problems or a stroke when cocaine significantly increases their blood pressure. They can be killed by the toxic reaction created when you mix cocaine and alcohol and people can even get deadly diseases like HIV and hepatitis from sharing "straws" when snorting the cocaine. That is why it is so important to get treatment as quickly as possible. Understanding and admitting that you have a problem with cocaine is the first big step toward recovery.

At Life Works, we believe that cocaine addiction has become a problem when you continue to use stimulants in spite of negative consequences – whether they are professional, relationship, health, financial, legal or other problems.

Common signs of cocaine addiction

  • You regularly take Mondays and Fridays off work – to recover from using cocaine at the weekend
  • You have been caught driving while under the influence of cocaine (Which can now be detected by mouth swabs at the roadside)
  • You have blacked out as a result of using cocaine
  • You have had unexplained injuries following a night out
  • Your motivation in every area of your life is plummeting – you need cocaine to pick you up and get you through the day
  • You have experienced tremors or periods of hyperactivity as a result of your using
  • You are getting into debt as a result of your cocaine addiction
  • You need cocaine before you have sex
  • Your life seems flat or dull without cocaine
  • You have started to experience more mood swings and irritability when you are unable to use
  • You need more cocaine to get high
  • You justify your cocaine use by saying everyone in your career or situation is using it

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Symptomatic denial

Denial is common and symptomatic of cocaine addiction. You may deny that you have a problem both to yourself and to others, through:

  • Minimising the effects of your cocaine use
  • Criticising those around you for making too much fuss about your cocaine use
  • Concealing your cocaine addiction from your loved ones
  • Considerably underestimating the amount of cocaine you are taking
  • Placing the blame for your cocaine addiction on other people or situations in your life, such as “I take cocaine because my daily life is so stressful”

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