What help is available for Cocaine Addiction?

Life Works doctors, counsellors and nurses are specially trained help you beat your cocaine addiction. They understand the issues you are facing and are able to help you understand and cope with your unique problems.

Our cocaine addiction treatment program combines individual and group therapy with a number of other treatment methods to provide holistic and well-rounded recovery. As part of your cocaine addiction treatment, Life Works will also work to help rebuild the connections with family and friends to help create a strong support network.

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Treatments for cocaine addiction

Our range of treatments include:

Life Works is a leader in cocaine addiction treatment, stimulant addictions and behavioural health issues. We are able to provide a holistic treatment programme that focuses on the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of the individual. Our treatment methods help you understand the root of your cocaine addiction. This allows you to better understand yourself as they come to terms with your illness. Once you understand the cause of your cocaine addiction it will be much easier to create healthy strategies for coping after your cocaine addiction treatment has finished.

At Life Works, we also include the family in treating addiction to cocaine. Our family therapy forms a key part of primary, residential treatment at Life Works. Included in this is the Family Week programme which provides a safe and nurturing environment to overcome the problems that arise from broken lines of communication between family members. We believe that together these elements provide a strong foundation for healthy, sustained, long-term recovery.

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Advice on what you can do about your cocaine addiction

  • Remember, you did not choose to become addicted to cocaine. When you are fighting a stimulant addiction, your brain is not functioning normally and your cocaine use gets out of control. We know that addiction is an illness, not a moral weakness or character flaw – and as such, you need and deserve the same medical treatment that anyone else with a chronic illness would receive.
  • Understand that our cocaine addiction treatment program looks beyond the symptoms of cocaine addiction. An effective programme will look at your cocaine addiction symptoms but more importantly, it will also examine and address the underlying psychological factors that influence these behaviours. Cocaine addiction is not just about the signs of cocaine addiction – it is a life-threatening, psychiatric illness that is much more serious than just the drug-taking behaviours it produces.
  • Find a treatment programme that includes assessment and treatment for any other pre-existing or co-occurring mental health issues, behavioural health issues or mood disorders. For Example, At Life Works, we screen our patients for other disorders like alcohol addiction, depression or gambling. This insures each of our patients get the proper care and treatment. These issues often exist alongside a person’s cocaine use and if left untreated, they can impair the effectiveness of treatment, so it’s essential that they are identified and addressed as part of your treatment programme.

There is hope and help available to you

You can make a full recovery from your cocaine & stimulant addiction. With determination and the right cocaine addiction treatment, you can regain your physical health and well-being and improve your relationships with others. The first step is admitting you have a problem and getting into treatment.

If you are ready to make that first step, call Life Works at 01483 745 066 or fill out our contact form.


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