Signs and Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression are largely focused around depressed behaviour, distorted thinking and sometimes physical symptoms. People suffering with depression often lose interest in the individuals and activities they once loved. Other symptoms of depression include persistent depressed feelings or negative thoughts, whilst individuals may also feel numb or tired.

Common feelings associated with depression

  • You are unable to enjoy life anymore
  • You have lost interest in friends, family and activities you used to enjoy – for example, going out, hobbies or sex
  • Your mood is persistently low or depressed
  • You are not taking care of yourself – for example eating poorly, not washing every day, or staying in bed
  • You feel 'flat' or numb
  • You are experiencing increased mood swings, irritability or restlessness
  • You have overwhelming feelings of guilt, worthlessness or self-loathing
  • You are hypercritical of your perceived mistakes or flaws
  • You feel hopeless, that life is no longer worth living or that you are unable to improve your situation
  • You have experienced episodes of paranoia
  • You are struggling to sleep (insomnia), are sleeping too much (hypersomnia) – or have disturbed sleep
  • You have unexplained physical or digestive pain – for example, headaches, muscle pain, back or stomach aches
  • You are neglecting responsibilities at home or work – for example, not taking proper care of your children or underperforming in your job

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Symptomatic denial

Denial is a common symptom of depression, so you may deny that you have a problem both to yourself and to others, through:

  • Minimising the impact of your depression on your health
  • Criticising those around you for making too much fuss about your depressed behaviour or physical symptoms
  • Concealing your depression from your friends and family
  • Placing the blame for your depression on other people or situations in your life, such as "I'm depressed because my job is so stressful"

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