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Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

Life Works – the leading specialist private drug addiction treatment centre

Drug addiction is a serious illness that effects every aspect of a person’s life. It can have a negative effect on work, personal relationships, health and finances. This makes it incredibly important to get the proper treatment as soon as possible in order to minimise the negative effects of drug addiction.

Life Works clinical experts use evidence based psychotherapy, detox, stabilisation methods and a variety of other therapies to help our clients start their recovery. Our intensive treatments are designed to help people with drug addiction or drug abuse problems overcome their issues and start a clean life with all the tools and support they will need to live free from drugs.

If you are interested in learning more about Life Works drug addiction and drug abuse treatment program, please call us at 0800 081 0700 or send us an email.

At Life Works we have programs in place to treat a number of different drug addictions and drug abuse problems. This includes cocaine addiction and abuse, prescription painkiller addiction and abuse, heroin addiction and abuse and cannabis addiction and abuse. We also have programs in place for a multitude of other drug abuse and addiction problems. Remember, any kind of drug abuse can do serious health damage and in the worst situations, can even be fatal. If you would like help with a drug problem, Life Works is here to help.

Types of Drug Addiction Treatment

Prescription Painkiller Addiction Treatment

Life Works has a long history of successfully helping people beat their prescription painkiller addiction and abuse problems. We understand that many people do not even realise they have a problem until it is too late. Because painkillers are prescribed by a doctor people see them as safe. Unfortunately, some people begin to abuse these painkillers or become addicted. This can happen gradually and often the person with the problem is unaware that they are ill. If you or someone you know is struggling with prescription painkillers, Life Works can offer evidence based treatment. We offer detox, stabilisation and psychotherapy to help our clients beat their prescription drug addiction, get clean and take control of their lives.

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Heroin Addiction Treatment

Life Works professionals have been treatment heroin addiction and heroin abuse for more than 10 years. We have also helped many people stop abusing other opiates including methadone. Our treatments include detox, as many heroin addicts or abusers can experience withdrawal symptoms. We also provide intense evidence based psychotherapy. This ensures that our clients are free from the heroin both physically and mentally before they leave us. Heroin is a very dangerous drug, as are all opiates. If used inappropriately it can cause health problems, damage relationships and even kill. If you are looking for effective treatment based on scientifically proven methods Life Works is here to help.

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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Life Works has had great success treating cocaine addiction. Our combination of evidence based psychotherapy and support allows us to help clients through withdrawal and address the reasons behind their cocaine abuse. Our goal is to provide each or our clients with the help they need to get clean and the tools to stay drug free for the rest of their lives. This includes helping clients set up a support network so they feel safe and secure once they leave Life Works. If you are struggling with a cocaine addiction or a cocaine abuse problem, Life Works is ready to help you. You can find out more by clicking the read more link or call us today.

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Cannabis Addiction Treatment

Life Works has a very effective cannabis addiction and abuse treatment program. We understand that, while cannabis may be seen as a “soft drug” by some, people can still become addicted to it and it can still cause serious problems for our clients. With this in mind we have created a treatment program to help people understand why they use cannabis and help them through any withdrawal symptoms they might have. We incorporate evidence based psychotherapy with support and other resources to help our clients stop using cannabis. If you are struggling with cannabis abuse, you can learn more about our treatments by clicking the read more link or contact us today.

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If you are ready to start drug addiction treatment, please call Life Works at 0800 081 0700 or fill out our contact form.

Learn More about Treatment at Life Works

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