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Gambling Addiction Treatment Programmes

Life Works – the leading specialist in Gambling rehabilitation.

Gambling AddictionThe general acceptance of gambling in society can result in casual gambling quickly developing into an addiction that can take over someone’s life. Much like any addiction, there will be a progressive need to increase the risk involved, as the smaller stakes will not generate the same excitement as would have initially.

Gambling addiction is often referred to as compulsive gambling, and is considered an affliction that causes people to have moderate to severe impulse control problems.

If you want to stop the cycle of gambling addiction, call Life Works at 0800 081 0700 or fill out our contact form.

What are the signs & symptoms of Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction shares many symptoms with alcohol addiction and substance abuse. The first and often most common symptom is an increased need to gamble accompanied by denial. The gambling addict will refuse to recognize how their gambling addiction is taking up more of their lives and further withdrawing and isolating them from others. Because the addictive behaviours are rewarding in and of themselves, those prone to addictive behaviours tend to become addicted simply by participating in the act. Because of its very destructive nature, it is important to start gambling addiction treatment early.  To learn more about gambling addiction, or start your treatment, call Life Works at 0800 081 0700 or fill out our contact form.

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I think that I need Gambling Addiction treatment, how can Life Works help me?

Gambling addiction treatment is critical for addicts who would like to learn to control their addictive behaviour and bring their lives under control. Life Works program assists in identifying the thoughts and behaviours which initially contributed to gambling, as well as identifying what is within the addict's control and what is not. Co-morbidity with other psychological stressors and illnesses is also examined, and the gambling addict is viewed in a very holistic manner to ensure that all facets of their gambling addiction are being addressed. This includes rebuilding the broken social networks which often occur as a result of the addiction. To learn more about how Life Works can help, call us at 0800 081 0700 or fill out our contact form.

How can I start Gambling Addiction treatment at Life Works?

The first step toward starting gambling addiction treatment is to call, at which point an admissions professional can confidentially begin to evaluate the situation of the gambling addict. An optimal course of action is then recommended, including either residential or outpatient treatment. This program is conducted to medically ensure the health and well-being of all participants experiencing gambling addiction and other addictions. Participants follow a daily schedule, which is shown to assist with addictive behaviours, and will be part of group therapy sessions with other gambling and non-gambling addicts due to the basic similarities underlying all addictions. To start treatment at Life Works call, 0800 081 0700 or fill in our contact form.

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