Founder's note

Life Works Founder Don Serratt: After many difficult and painful years spent as an alcoholic and an addict, I finally achieved sobriety through a 12-step programme in 1983. My belief was that as long as I did not drink or use drugs and achieved outward success everything would be fine. My journey however was incomplete and I spent many more years dealing with other addictions and related mental health issues.

After 15 years of continuous sobriety and some devastating life events, I reached an all time low and knew that my sobriety and sanity were in serious jeopardy. Finding help was difficult; most facilities in the UK either offered me basic addiction rehab or a medical model of psychiatric care. The search for a solution led me to the US where I received effective treatment in order to begin face the underlying emotional issues, addictions and mental health problems that had constantly plagued me. I was only then finally able to move into real recovery, beyond simple abstinence drugs and alcohol, and truly achieve a much higher quality of life.

I was fortunate; I didn't relapse and found the help I needed to recover. Many others are not so fortunate and often offered treatment for the symptoms of their issues and end up facing the painful choice of relapse, moving into another destructive behaviour, mental health problems or even suicide in some cases. Behavioural health disorders are progressive, debilitating and life threatening. That's why Life Works is Dedicated to Recovery – beyond just stopping a particular behaviour but rather doing the work to achieve a meaningful and fulfilling life. Our Core Purpose as an organisation is: To transform lives and leave a legacy of recovery and hope for future generations.

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