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Expert help for alcohol addiction in Woking, Surrey

Our team of caring, experienced professionals are here to help you make a full recovery from alcohol addiction and start living a life free from alcohol dependence, at our specialist alcohol rehab clinic in Surrey. Based in Woking, our beautiful Georgian manor house has every facility and comfort you need to reduce your suffering and have an incredible alcohol rehab experience.

Alcohol addiction can be a painful condition that you may find difficult to manage on your own. It can lead to a way of living that has you dependent on alcohol in order to cope with everyday life. This can create a situation where it is difficult to stop drinking, even though your addiction may be having negative effects on your family, friends, employment, and happiness. Because of this, alcohol addiction is a condition that leads many to suffer alone.

If this is something you are struggling with, then our team of alcohol rehab professionals in Surrey are here to help you. We will guide you through the process of recovery, and support you as you begin to take your first steps towards a new life of sobriety.

Recovery from alcohol addiction isn’t without its challenges, but our team has helped countless people just like yourself to recover, and in many cases, have experienced the challenges of recovery themselves. Because of this, they understand and empathise with your addiction, and are the best possible people to help you alleviate your suffering.

Recovering from alcohol addiction isn't just about support; you also want to be in an environment that nurtures you and provides you with everything you need to be comfortable and free from anxiety.

Our Woking Alcohol Rehab Clinic’s Facilities

At Life Works, we have gone to every length to provide you with an experience that minimises suffering and helps you along the road to recovery. We provide a supportive, community environment that ensures we are there to offer a helping hand whenever you need it.

At our Surrey based rehab clinic, you can enjoy:

    • Our private and beautiful gardens - filled with relaxing scenery and landscaped grounds that allow you to take any exercise or walks you need in peace
    • Our state-of-the-art alcohol detox bedrooms - with 24/7 care, alarms to call nurses and everything you need at your fingertips - our bedrooms are an idyll of comfort and privacy during your recovery
    • Our safe and private consultation rooms - helping you get the right support during your recovery is important to us. That’s why we ensure you have a private space to speak with a supportive counsellor in an environment that is free from judgement.
    • Our tailor-made bedrooms with personal bathrooms - longer stays require a room that is comfortable, private and personal. We have gone to every length to provide just that, so that your road to recovery, no matter the length, is one you enjoy every step of the way

For more information about the Life Works experience, click here.

Before You Begin Alcohol Rehab at Life Works

We want you to make the best possible start on the road to recovery. That’s why we give you a free alcohol addiction assessment at our alcohol rehab clinic.

By offering you a complete alcohol addiction screening assessment at the start, we work with you to understand how you are affected by your addiction, the impact it has on your life and the unique ways in which you are led to drink. This helps us to understand you as a person, and make specific recommendations about your treatment that will help to ensure your recovery.

Alongside this, we can provide you with a complete medically assisted alcohol detoxification process. This will help to cleanse your body of alcohol, reduce your suffering, and ensure that you are in the best possible condition and level of comfort when your alcohol rehab at Life Works begins. Throughout the detoxification process, you will receive expert guidance and support, as well as any medication you need that is best suited to minimise any discomfort you may feel.

Alcohol rehab in Surrey led by our specialist team

A great recovery requires a great team. That’s why we surround you with the best and most qualified people to help you every step of the way towards sobriety. Whether it’s expert psychiatrists, therapists, or dietitians - we have the help and support you need.

We have taken every step to ensure our team covers all the disciplines necessary to make recovery happen, as well as putting an emphasis on hiring the people who have the experience necessary to make that recovery a daily reality.

Suffering from alcohol addiction can be a lonely experience where it can often feel like no-one else understands what you’re going through. That’s why we’ve made sure our team has been through the same struggles with addiction that you have - whether that’s an addiction they’ve overcome themselves or an addiction they’ve helped countless others deal with.

They know exactly how addiction works, what the underlying causes are, and how to support you throughout your journey.

Our team combines years of first-hand experience with science-backed, evidence-based therapies that have been shown time and time again to work. 

What Happens During Alcohol Rehab at Life Works?

During treatment, we will offer you:

      • A free, addiction assessment designed to help you make the best first step towards recovery - book your appointment today
      • Personal and group therapy sessions that foster trust, support, understanding, and important new friendships
      • A 10-day detoxification process that helps you cleanse your system of any traces of alcohol
      • Membership to 12-Step support groups consisting of other individuals struggling with and recovering from alcohol addiction. Offering you an opportunity to help others like you that are in need

That is just a sample of what you can experience at Life Works. For more detailed information, please take a look at our approach to addiction treatment page.

Alcohol Addiction Assessment in Woking, Surrey

If you are concerned about your relationship with alcohol, believe you may have an addiction, or simply want to know more, we offer a free alcohol addiction assessment that can help you better understand your relationship with the substance.

Before undertaking any recovery, whether that’s therapy, detoxification, or both, it is essential that you take the time to understand the unique way in which your alcohol addiction manifests, and what may be triggering it. Everyone comes with unique strengths and vulnerabilities and understanding how these will affect your recovery will help you on your journey towards sobriety.

A free alcohol addiction assessment will allow you to explore your addiction in the safe hands of a professional who will take the time to understand the unique nature of what you’re struggling with, as well as the steps you can take to best overcome it. 

If this is something you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our experts today.

What is an alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction develops as a result of consuming alcohol in a repeated and excessive manner, until you become both psychologically and physically dependent on having a drink in order to carry out day-to-day tasks and function more generally. Without intensive treatment for your alcohol addiction, this has the potential to cause a range of long-term physical and psychological problems, and can even result in death.

People with an alcohol addiction may also push away family and friends which leaves them feeling isolated and alone. This can make it harder for them to seek help and often causes the alcoholic to drink more. You may also have a drinking problem if you find that you regularly feel guilty or ashamed about your drinking, lie to others or hide your drinking habits, have friends or family members who regularly comment on the amount that you are drinking, or frequently drink more than you intend to.

How to find Life Works Alcohol Rehab Clinic

Life Works rehab clinic is situated on High Street (A247) in Old Woking, Surrey. Our address is:

Life Works Community
The Grange
High Street
Old Woking
GU22 8LB

We're just under two miles from the near by centre of Woking, where you can get on the number 34 bus from High Street Link Road, which stops at Vicarage Road, just a short walk away. Alternatively, we're around 10 minutes away in a taxi from Woking train station.

Our alcohol addiction rehab clinic is accessible from most towns in Surrey including:

  • Guildford
  • Godalming
  • Horley
  • Leatherhead

As one of the leading alcohol rehab clinics in the UK, we're perfectly placed to offer expert treatment and support for those who need it. Contact us today to find out how we can help you overcome your alcohol addiction.

It is important to recognise that without expert support, it’s possible that your alcohol addiction will become worse over time and continue to have a destructive impact on multiple areas of your life. It may also lead to you developing other addictions on top of your alcohol misuse, including drug addiction and engaging in behaviours such as gambling and compulsive internet usage. This is why seeking expert help as early as possible is crucial, in order to overcome your alcohol addiction and resume the healthy, fulfilling, addiction-free life that you deserve.

This page was reviewed by Robin Clayton, Primary Therapist, (BACP, ATSAC) in September 2021.

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Need help with an alcohol addiction? Life Works is here to help those struggling with an addiction issue. If you would like more information on Life Works alcohol rehab and detox programmes, please call: 01483 745 066 or click here to book a FREE ADDICTION ASSESSMENT.

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