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In-depth blogs and articles prepared by leading clinicians on addictions and eating disorders. Find out about the symptoms and treatments for a number of conditions, including alcoholism and anorexia.

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Alcohol and erectile dysfunction: how can alcohol affect your sex life?

Explaining how alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction and ways to help minimise its impact.

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Signs of a functioning alcoholic

We have outlined the key signs of a functioning alcoholic to look out for, and provided information on the alcohol addic…

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How to give up cocaine

Outlining the effects that cocaine is likely having on your health and wellbeing, along with information on how to give…

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Causes of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can happen to anyone, but the causes can be varied and unique to each individual.

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The Effects of Weed

Weed, also commonly referred to as ‘cannabis’, ‘marijuana’ or ‘pot’, is the most widely abused substance in the UK. Here…

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Living With A Functioning Alcoholic - Advice and Support

Living with a functioning alcoholic can be difficult and often support is needed to help manage such a tough time.

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