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Cocaine rehabilitation in Surrey

Cocaine, a synthetically made drug, is highly addictive and can have a detrimental impact on your mental and physical health. Cocaine can make you feel more alert and energised for a short period, but it will soon have an adverse effect on the body. This can make you feel low and anxious, amongst other side effects of cocaine misuse.

Cocaine abuse often leads to a cocaine addiction, which will benefit from cocaine addiction treatment at a rehab clinic, such as the Life Works cocaine rehab clinic in Surrey. Both powder cocaine and crack cocaine can have many effects on the body. Once you make the important decision to quit cocaine, withdrawal and detoxification can be physically and mental challenging, so professional medical help provides necessary support during the rehabilitation process.

Cocaine is one of the most addictive substances, which is often overlooked when someone starts taking it recreationally. The properties of cocaine can create a severe dependency in users who crave more of its effects, due to the sense of euphoria and invincibility it creates. Cocaine works by stimulating the release of higher dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine controls how pleasure is experienced and the higher the dopamine levels, the more someone begins to feel intense pleasure, along with a sense of increased energy, confidence and alertness.

However, the more cocaine interferes with the brain’s ability to produce dopamine naturally, the weaker the effects of cocaine. This is when cocaine addiction starts, as the craving becomes more intense and the amount needed to achieve the same high gradually increases. The body and brain then begin to rely on cocaine and struggle to function without it. The development of a harmful cocaine addiction can then be very disruptive and cause many traumatic issues that negatively impact day-to-day life. These include behavioural problems, mental health problems, and physical conditions.

Seeking treatment for cocaine addiction

Thankfully, cocaine addiction is treatable with an effective cocaine treatment programme. Cocaine rehabilitation involves both detoxification and therapeutic treatment, which we specialise in at Life Works. We offer a free addiction assessment too, helping towards the first steps of recovery.

The Life Works cocaine treatment programmes can also treat crack cocaine addiction, the freebase form of cocaine. Crack cocaine is inhaled, compared to cocaine that is snorted, but nonetheless, it’s still highly addictive and will need treatment to overcome the addiction. Detoxification from cocaine or crack cocaine can be intense, but Life Works offers a medically assisted detoxification process, ensuring that the withdrawal process is managed correctly and that recovery can start.

The Life Works cocaine Addiction Treatment Programme consists of:

  • A free addiction assessment, discussing your difficulties with a trained professional and receiving information on the exceptional treatment that we can provide
  • 10-day medically assisted withdrawal detoxification for your cocaine addiction, if required
  • Individual 1:1 therapy and structured group therapy programmes
  • A high quality family programme
  • Access to 12-Step support groups
  • Free aftercare for 12 months following treatment
  • Free family support for 12 months following treatment
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An addiction to cocaine can be life altering. Seeking professional cocaine rehabilitation treatment at Life Works can help to support individuals and families dealing with cocaine addiction and for further information on treatment and rehabilitation programmes, please call: 01483 745 066 or click here to book a FREE ADDICTION ASSESSMENT.

Treating cocaine addiction at Life Works

Life Works has had great success treating cocaine addiction. Our combination of evidence-based psychotherapy and support allows us to help clients through withdrawal and address the reasons behind their cocaine abuse. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with the help they need to get clean and the tools to stay drug-free for the rest of their lives. This includes helping clients to set up a support network so they feel safe and secure once they leave Life Works.

Cocaine addiction treatment takes place as part of our comprehensive 28-day Addiction Treatment Programme, during which you will stay at Life Works in Woking on a residential basis. 28 days is the recommended treatment length for addictions, but we are able to consider flexible treatment lengths to fit in with your personal commitments, if required.

All of the addiction treatment that we offer is underpinned by the renowned 12-Step addiction treatment approach. This model was first pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and provides a set of guiding principles for the addiction rehabilitation journey, focuses on an individual’s motivation to change their destructive habits, and also incorporates elements of spirituality within the treatment process.

Our leading cocaine Addiction Treatment Programme consists of:

For more information on Life Works’ leading cocaine addiction treatment, as well as the type and format of the addiction therapy that we can offer, please visit our approach to addiction treatment page.

This page was reviewed by Steve Clarke, Hospital Director, (MSc, NCFED) in 2019 and is scheduled to be reviewed again in 2021.

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To discuss how the Life Works team can help to support individuals and families dealing with cocaine addiction and for further information on treatment and rehabilitation programmes, please call: 01483 745 066 or click here to book a FREE ADDICTION ASSESSMENT.

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